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Aamir wants to get into direction


Aamir Khan

Mumbai : It’s noticed that Bollywood’s very own perfectionist actor Aamir Khan devotes his personal attention to most of the aspects of his films, which are more about quality rather than quantity.

So in a recent interview when the actor was asked if he would like to get behind the camera, and maybe try his hands on directing a film too in the near future the actor was quite enthusiastic about the prospect. But hold on, as he further said that he hadn’t decided to do it anytime soon!

“Not for some years yet. I am enjoying myself as an actor right now and if I direct a film, it will take me two or three years to make the film. Now you are already complaining that I am not doing a film this year, and if I direct films, then five years are gone. I’ll direct later, not right now. But I want to get into direction for sure,” revealed the actor, who has currently put on weight for his next film which is set to release in 2016.