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Aamir Khan’s passion is very infectious, says Sakshi Tanwar


Actress Sakshi Tanwar, who surprised everyone with her restrained performance in Aamir Khan’s blockbuster film Dangal, is enjoying the response to the film. In fact, she is overwhelmed.

The film has beaten Rajkumar Hirani’s PK and Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan to become the highest grossing Hindi film of all time.

We caught up with Sakshi to talk about the film, Aamir Khan and more.

What makes your character your character special?

In Dangal, I play Daya Kaur (Mahavir Phogat’s wife and the mother of the girls). I am the bridge at times, the bond, the link between the father and the daughters. As a mother she may not agree to what her husband says, but believes in his conviction and stands by him. Sometimes wife, sometimes mother.., that dichotomy of role playing… it had shades of types I loved portraying. In her own way, she is conflicted and yet convinced.

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How did you prepare for your role?

My casting was amongst the last ones to get finalized so when I joined the team the others had finished their language training sessions and readings. Since we did not have much time Sunitaji (language teacher) came home to teach me. I recorded all the dialogues in her voice on my phone and I would keep listening whenever I had time. But Sunitaji was so good that I got the hang of the language in 2-3 days. Also, I am from Alwar (border of Haryana) so I understand the setup and backdrop that the film has. This helped me relate to the speech and the body language that the role required. Also the director, Nitesh sir, had absolute clarity about the character. He would give such precise instructions about the emotion behind the lines that I did not have to do much. Moreover, I had such lovely actors to work with Aamir sir and the girls.

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How was the entire experience shooting for Dangal?

It has been a memorable experience. It has been very inspiring for me.

How is Aamir Khan on the sets? Did you enjoy working with him?

With his serious demeanour, I thought Aamir sirm would be aloof and would like his space, but to my surprise his child-like enthusiasm and friendly attitude kept him involved & engaged with the entire cast and crew throughout the shoot. He is very passionate about his work and that passion is very infectious. Working with him has been an inspiring and cherish able experience.

Aamir Khan is known to be a prankster. Did he play any pranks on the sets?

He kept himself involved and engaged with the entire cast and crew throughout the shoot.

Will we get to see you in a TV show any time soon?

My last TV series was 24 on Colors. Currently, I am busy shooting for a web series for Alt Balaji called Kehte Hain Opposites Attract.

When not working, how do you like to pass your time?

When I am not shooting then it is catching up with what I want to do—family, friends, films or sometimes just being on my own.

What’s next after Dangal?

At present, I am enjoying this moment (smiles).

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