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Aamir Khan change his body type as smoothly as seasons change


Aamir is back to his body metamorphosis. While we have seen the actor change his body type as smoothly as seasons change.
When Aamir Khan put on a lot of weight during Dangal, he shocked everyone.

Not just then, he has shocked everyone yet again by losing all that weight and more for his next film.
In the last six months, Aamir has become half his original size. From 120 Kgs, he is back to his normal weight of 70 kgs, less than what he had during even PK and Dhoom 3. He has not only reduced weight, he has also changed his body type. You can see his narrow shoulders, thin frame and how he has become the leanest we have seen him in his entire career.

It is the exact opposite of what he did during Dangal.  He is literally a chameleon. While his entire family keeps warning him of the health hazards this could bring about, he does the unbelievable each time.

Although this is not the first time that the actor has lost so much weight, even for his role in 3 Idiots the actor morphed his body to look like a college kid.