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Aamir Khan Birthday Special: Secret son of the ‘Secret Superstar’ actor; read to know more


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Today, Superstar of Bollywood Aamir Khan turned 53 and on his birthday Aamir will be having a working as he is shooting for ‘Thugs Of Hindostan’. Aamir Khan is considered as the Mr Perfectionist of Bollywood. Among the three Khans i.e Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir himself, Aamir is considered as the most successful Khan of Bollywood.

Though he denies the fact that he is not the best among all of them, his fans consider him as the best. Apart from Aamir Khan’s successful career which includes many content-driven films like Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, Dangal, Secret Superstar and so on, he is also known for his controversies.

From brother Faizal Khan to calling Shah Rukh Khan a puppy, Aamir has been in the shadow of controversies for last 30 years. Amid all of his controversies, there is one controversy in which Aamir had literally given birth to controversy. Well, if you are getting confused then let’s clear your confusion.

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As per the reports, Aamir Khan has love child called ‘Jaan’. Yes, despite being married to his then wife Reena Dutta, Aamir got into a steamy love affair with writer/journalist Jessica Hines. Jessica Hines is a popular writer, who is also majorly known for writing Amitabh Bachchan’s biography, ‘The Big B’.

Jaan, Aamir Khan’s alleged love child

As per the past reports, Aamir and Jessica fell in love on the sets of Ghulam. They were in a live-in relationship in which Jessica got pregnant and everything literally changed. Later, things got worse when Aamir told Hines to abort the child or forego their relationship. However, instead agreeing with Aamir, Jessica decided to keep the child alive and let go the relationship. Later, Jessica gave birth to a beautiful boy, Jaan.

Jessica Hines

Interestingly, the controversy came into limelight when Stardust Magazine made a story in which they claimed that Aamir indeed had a relationship with Jessica Hines, and later when things turned ugly, he abandoned his child. But during that time, Jessica clearly mentioned that she never gave an interview to Stardust magazine, however, she didn’t deny the fact of the story either.

Right now, Jessica lives with Aamir’s love child, Jaan in London. Jaan is model who was first featured in Vogue UK in 2012. After seeing his picture, many people spotted the similarities between Aamir and Jaan.

Although Aamir is a superstar, his dark secret is indeed shocking for many.