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A different kind of chill for Gaurav Arora while shooting for Raaz Reboot


Shooting for Bhushan Kumar’s Raaz Reboot was literally a chilling experience for Gaurav Arora. The actor shares that for the Vikram Bhatt directed film they shot in temperatures as low as -18 degrees that gave the entire cast and crew chills – of the literal cold kinds.

Gaurav says, “It was the first time that I actually experienced snowfall and I loved every minute of it until it came to shooting.”
Elaborating further he adds that they were dressed for the scene and not for the cold.

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“The scene required me to smile in a certain way. And midway of the shot I realised that my face wouldn’t move and was frozen with a smile. I had a lock jaw because of the freezing cold. So yes it was actually a chilling experience,” smiles the actor.