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5 things you should know about Kajal Aggarwal


  • She has done 45 films and has never kissed in any of them! She has always ‘cheated’ on the kisses because she was never okay with getting intimate on screen unless it was absolutely required. This rule, she broke with Do Lafzon Ki Kahani.

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  • She has lost out on some brilliant projects because of her old-world values, because she simply cannot do something she’s very uncomfortable with. Her refusal to do intimate scenes has been the reason she has dropped out of films just before signing on the dotted line.
  • Relationships today are given the short end of the stick, she believes, because nobody has the time, patience or bandwidth to deal with each other. The need for instant gratification results in people not working towards the relationship, but preferring to move on and find someone else, she avers.
  • Her man would have to be someone successful whom she can respect. She feels the need to look up to someone who can inspire her. A certain zing, self confidence, good looks and being well-read are the other must-haves on her list.

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  • Skimpy clothes are not mandatory to look hot, she believes. One can look sexy even in a full-sleeved T-shirt or a high neck polo top – something she herself is living proof of!