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5 things about Anushka Sharma


5 things you may not know about this gutsy, gorgeous gal…

Anushka used to be very anxious in her early days as an actress. She started modelling when she was 15 and was acting by the time she was 19. She shares that it was a very raw time to be subjected to rejection and people’s opinion about everything she did or didn’t do. Coping with a new world and a new profession of which she knew nothing about, did have her on an edge. But the anxiety disappeared once she began to understand what was making her anxious in the first place!

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Her production house Clean Slate is largely run by her brother Karnesh Sharma but Anuskha brings a lot to the table in terms of creative vision and brand power. In her capacity, she attends meetings, develops ideas with new talent and puts together the right creative teams for their projects. She states simply that her involvement with cinema is on another level now. She gets a huge high from creating content her company believes in, pitching it to the studios and waiting for projects to get sanctioned.

Her feet firmly rooted on terra firma, Anushka admits that the volume of riches, fame and attention that stars get can lead to swollen heads but she’s also smart enough to know that losing perspective is the worst thing that can happen to a creative person.

She has been choosing roles that do push the envelope in their own quiet way. If she was the gutsy wedding planner in Band Baaja Baraat, she took it several notches higher as the revenge-seeking wife in NH10. A troubled jazz singer in Bombay Velvet and a disillusioned wrestler in Sultan…her roles are definitely not plain vanilla! Alluding to Meryl Streeps’s statement that the reason women make better actors is because all their lives they have had to act to make people listen to them, Anushka adds that she takes part in the conversation by choosing strong roles.

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Film people are not petty or stupid, she will have you believe. For instance, despite refusing Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha because she felt the female lead role felt more like an accessory to Ranbir’s role, she has united with the filmmaker for The Ring. She reveals that she will never say yes to a script out of fear of hurting someone or because she is scared they will get back at her for her refusal. She has the courage and the conviction to say no honestly, without fabricating lies about her reasons. It comes out of a sense of respect for the other person and she finds that they usually understand and hold no grudges.