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“24 is an edge of the seat ride… thrilling and full of twists” – Sikander Kher


sikander kher

After being applauded for his roles in Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive, Sikandar Kher is back making news this time with a television series. Something that once again tells you, he is an actor of good standing, writes Shubarna Mukerji Shu.

Tell us about your show 24
24 is an edge
of the seat ride… thrilling and full of twists…the hook at the end of each episode is always something I have enjoyed a lot even though it’s frustrating, but in a good way! It is like you want to see all the episodes without having to wait… these are just one of the USP’s of the show! Also Abhinay Deo and Rensil D’silva have done complete justice to the show… They are very talented directors who have mastered their craft… For me it was a really addictive ride…

What is the main reason for signing a TV Show
The main reason I signed 24 is firstly because it’s a show that I have watched and loved… and they’ve done a fabulous job in the Indian adaptation… Secondly I got to work with Anil Kapoor! I mean who wouldn’t want to work with Mr. India and Lakhan and thirdly because when I heard the role I couldn’t say was such an interesting character to play, that of Haroon Sherchan, that I would never have passed up the opportunity.

Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive

You play a negative role in the show and we have seen the teaser, you did a brilliant job. So how did you prepare for it.

Well I wanted to add colour to the character. When I read that he’s Gorakhpuri I wanted to bring in the dialect..for that I spoke to some friends to ask them what it sounds like.. heard you tube clip and started work on it .. For a while I would just speak like that to anyone and everyone just so that it became second nature .. Also I had put on a lot of weight for my last film and had to lose it all for this did that as well.. 22 kgs to be precise.

Any specific film you saw or any actor you followed to get into the skin of the character?

Not really .. He’s my creation of course with the writers…

Is all well between you and Anil sir, post the marriage break up…

Anil uncle was, is and will always be like family to me…in fact he’s like a second father to me ..

What’s next in pipeline for you?

I have done a small role in the international TV show ‘Sense 8’ with the Wachowskis.. There are two international films as well that I am hoping to do.. and I am gonna be here looking for work in our very own film industry.. I have become a greedy actor with nothing to this is a fun time for