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TV couples are made for Ek duje ke liye


Small screen’s cute couples share their love stories and plans for the upcoming day of romance.

Ssudeep Sahir: People’s lives are getting busier and most of the time goes in working, travelling and sometimes you take each other for granted. Valentine’s Day is a day to remind us the importance of the one we love. Not saying that every other day should be ignored but it is still nice to have a special day for your special someone. Being a working woman and a mother, Anantica doesn’t really get much time for herself so I have planned an entire day for her. I am going to send her to a spa so that she gets relaxed and in the evening when I am back we will go for a nice romantic dinner. Anantica and I had just started dating and the same year she was going to Southampton for her MBA. So we were not together on Valentine’s that year. But I had planned something different. Those were the initial days of my career.

W_Sudeep Sahir with wife Anantica

I wasn’t earning much but I saved money and booked myself on a flight to the UK to surprise her… and landed straight outside her university waiting for her to come out. And when she saw me. My god, I can never forget that look on her face. My idea of romance is getting out of comfort, making her feel special. The most romantic love destination will be London, I think it is beautiful because Anantica and I spent a lot of time there before we got married. I have some great memories and a very special Valentine that year. I love you Anantica and I hope even when we are old and wrinkly we celebrate our love with the same excitement!

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W_Mrunal Jain with wife Sweetie

Mrunal Jain: For me Valentine’s Day is special. I agree that one should express love to their partner every day but this day is something different. I am planning to gift her roses, cards and something special which is a surprise so I can’t tell. My most memorable Valentine’s Day with wife Sweetie was when I was shooting on February 14, after the shooting got over I didn’t change the set and we both celebrated Valentine’s Day over there. My idea of romance is to respect your partner and love her very much. My most favourite romantic destination is Maldives because it is known for beaches and blue lagoons. I want to tell Sweetie that I love her a lot and I am very lucky to have her in my life because she is the perfect life partner.

W_Salil Ankola with wife Ria-good pic

Salil Ankola: Love is something you develop over time when you start knowing a person and accepting the person for who she is and not wanting to change her at all. Everything that she does appeal you and makes you smile even if it’s something weird or something different. Everything that she does intrigues you and makes you interested in knowing more about her without the feeling of angst towards her but more of a feeling of oneness towards her. Love is a feeling of belonging and companionship. For me, Valentine’s Day with Ria is every day as I keep buying her gifts, going out for dinners and cooking for her, and making her feel special. I know how special I am to her as she does the same for me. Ria and I started our journey in 2012, we have come a long way and it’s been like a beautiful dream come true for me to be with her and find her in my life. We never expected to be where we are. We both took it one day at a time and we will continue to do so as we are happy being like this. The way things are I know for sure that our tomorrow to will be a beautiful dream. Touch-wood on that!

W_Amal Sehrawat with wife

Amal Sehrawat: Love is an unconditional, magnetic feeling, and has no expectation. The best plan is to have no plan, so I have kept our options open. After five years also it will be same as I saw it five years before and 50 years ahead: Strong, selfless and supportive. And that involves no expectation at all. Right life partner is very important in life. A balance between personal and professional life is necessary.

W_Arjun Bijlani with wife Neha

Arjun Bijlani: Love means togetherness and spending quality time and understanding each other’s needs and wants. Life without love is like food without salt. Valentine’s Day celebration would be dinner with wife and family. Even after five years from now I see myself as a happily married man and living a meaningful life full of love happiness and laughter. My wife Neha is my support system.

W_Aniruddh Dave with wife Shubhi Ahuja

Aniruddh Dave: Love means life. I am happy that I found true love in Shubhi. She is very understanding and being from the same profession, does help. Whenever I am not shooting I try to spend quality time with her. I would take her out for a candle light dinner with slow romantic music in the background. After five years I would see myself as happily married as I am today. Marriage gives a lot of maturity and stability.

W_Jyotsna Chandola and husband Nitesh Singh

Jyotsna Chandola: Love is caring for someone else deeply and unconditionally. Love is being motivated to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be because you are so passionate about the other person. To me, love means finding someone that brings out the best version of yourself and challenges you to be better; someone who you are completely comfortable with and who knows you inside and out; someone who is truly your partner and best friend and that you can share all your experiences with. I have planned a surprise for my husband (Nitesh Singh) as he is busy working that day so I will decorate the house and place the rose petals on the fan plates. Once he enters the house and switches off the fan the petals will be all around and he’ll feel special. I am very romantic at heart so will surprise him with a cake and I have already got my Valentine’s gift and that is a cute watch. Even after many years we see ourselves as the way we are today.

W_Ravi Dubey Sargun Mehta

Ravi Dubey: To me, true love is when you can completely be yourself around another person in good times and bad. It’s loving each other’s differences and appreciating them exactly as they are. Love is the feeling that something is missing when you are apart and the realisation that everything seems so much better when you are together. This Valentine’s Day, I will spend some quality time with Sargun and we are and will be together forever.

W_Aishwarya Sakuja with hubby Rohit Nag

Aishwarya Sakhuja: Love means understanding and living together with a lot of enthusiasm and positivity. I don’t believe much in the concept of Valentine. Love is not for one day but for life. Rohit, my husband is out of town and I talk to him regularly. He and I believe in a happy and positive life.

W_Ridhi Dograand Rakesh Bapat

Ridhi Dogra: Love is a deep connection between two people that connects them in everything they do. For example, if you’re hurt they know it, not from personal experiences, or something they’ve read or heard. But from what they feel through the other person. Love isn’t just between men and women, guys and gals. It’s between fathers and daughters, best friends, and cousins. Love is so much more than physical attraction. Love is pure and involves understanding and emotions. This Valentine’s Day, I am going out for dinner with my husband and spend some quality time.