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10 reasons why Priya Prakash Varrier continues to make headlines


‘Oru Adaar Love’ actress and internet sensation Priya Prakash Varrier is all over the media sphere with her innocent and flirtatious wink and the song (Manikya Malaraya Poovi) has created quite a ripple effect, and everyone wants a piece of this young Malayali actress.

Here are 10 different reasons why the ‘wink girl’ has continued to make news

1. The first reason has to be that wink, which sealed the deal and catapulted her to stardom and made her the internet sensation that she is today and the song has become a huge hit and people can’t stop gushing over that wink.

2. Whenever something becomes famous there will be controversies and Priya has faced a backlash from certain Muslim groups over the lyrics of the song, which allegedly defames Prophet Mohammed’s wife Khadeeja Biwi. But, the song is not at all offensive and is very soulful. The SC will hear on Wednesday a plea by Varrier seeking quashing of a spate of complaints and an FIR registered against her and others for allegedly hurting sentiments of a minority community.

3. Very rarely news from southern India makes national headlines, but this song has generated quite a huge interest among Hindi heartland and even in rural parts of India. Priya Varrier has put Malayalam film industry on the centre stage and many people are now showing interest in Malayalam cinema.

4. Cricket is like a religion in our country and Priya Varrier is also bitten by this bug. The young cine star’s favourite cricketer is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Incidentally, Dhoni is the adopted son of Chennai as he plays for Chennai Super Kings in the IPL.

5. Women all over the world are debating what feminism is and if you really want to know what equal rights are, then see the song and you will come to know that Priya Varrier makes a boy blush with her wink and that is breaking all the barriers and stereotypes.

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6. Indian media is quite unpredictable, but this song has generated that much interest that media houses are having prime time debates on this topic and are going after Priya Varrier for that elusive interview.

7. Priya Varrier might be darling of the masses but has come across as a very calm, rational and intelligent individual who has not got carried away with the unexpected fame and is setting an example on how to conduct yourself in public.

8. Will ‘Oru Addar Love’ release on schedule? After the controversy regarding the song, the film’s release is in danger and could we be witnessing another ‘Padmaavat’?

9. Priya Varrier is also an Indian classical dancer and is only 18 years old. The internet sensation is fast becoming a brand on social media and is competing with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Cristiano Ronaldo for social media space.

10. But, the main thing is that Priya Varrier’s sudden fame is not a fluke and if the film becomes a hit, then we could be seeing a lot more of Priya, even in Bollywood opposite Ranveer Singh!