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Socially active! – Career in Social Media


The new wave of popularising goods and services is through social media. It also makes for a new age career option, for those who are interested

Sector overview

There is no secret that every person with a smart phone (or even without) is hooked to some social media site or the other. It is a wave that cannot be denied, and those who are smart will in fact use this wave to their utmost advantage. With the competition on the rise for manufacturers and sellers to market and sell their products, each business is now looking at new and unique ways to reach to a wider audience, and what better way than the internet, which has now reached even the remotest places in the country!

To popularise their products, marketers are now understanding internet usage patterns and the role that social media plays in the whole game. These methods were virtually unknown a few years ago, but now take up a lot of credit in the current situation. The marketers are still not aware of the full potential of social media, although many companies are using this new method to sell their products and services.

It has been widely accepted now that social media is big part of modern life now, whether we are talking of Facebook, Twitter, or any other such platform, like WhatsApp. Potential consumers are using these mediums widely, and a product is sure to garner eyeballs if placed strategically on any one of these mediums. The ubiquitous nature of the internet is a force that drives advertisers to flock the sites. Modern methods such as this one cannot be escaped by companies and individuals who want to create a viable market.

It has now become necessary to attract customers in different ways, and this is one that is gaining momentum with each passing day. So if you understand what it is to market the finer aspects of a product or a service this field may be for you.

To get there

Since this is not a conventional field, it is difficult to find a university affiliated course in social media marketing or even digital marketing. Considering the fact that this still looks like a niche field, until now, most of the professionals here have learnt a lot on the job. These professionals may have a background in marketing or not, but the media part of it they have learnt on the job.

So, aspirants must understand that the knowledge of marketing a product is a must to be in this field. Other than that, there are private courses available with institutes both in social media marketing as well as digital marketing which aspirants can look out for. Most of these courses have flexible eligibility criteria, and so applying for a course like this would not be a huge problem. Also, most of these courses can be pursued along with a mainstream degree programme like a BCom, so it is rather convenient. Some courses are also available on the online platform.

It is essential to study trends and patterns of consumer behaviour to understand how to approach social media and what could be the ideal combination. Professionals learn not only from their own experiences but often from field experiences of others as well. A lot of knowledge in the area remains untapped, since most of the experiences are not documented.

Some of the popular social media and digital marketing courses in the country are offered by:

  • School of Digital Marketing
  • TalentEdge
  • Digital Vidya
  • Manipal ProLearn
  • Simplilearn
  • Internet and Mobile Research Institute
  • Digital Academy India
  • Digigyan

A student says

Monit Mehta, Pursuing his internship

I wanted to try my hand at this, and I had a friend to guide me since he has been professionally working in social media marketing for a couple of years. That’s why, I approached my cousin to ask him whether I can try my hand at it for his business, popularising posts on social media and trying to garner some publicity for his products. It might seem that I had it easy since I chose to work for my cousin, but in fact it was a challenge since I had to set up everything, and coax the team members to offer me interesting bits of information that I could use to our advantage.

It was an interesting learning experience for a youngster like me to set up a social media platform for a company from scratch. I had no prior experience or knowledge since I have not pursed a course, but it was something I really wanted to do. I have a way with words, since I am a mass media students, and I make sure I use it to my advantage. I have to be on the top on my game since I have to keep up with the field, and constantly read up on the material, but that’s just part of the learning experience!

Market and remuneration

A lot has changed in the digital world, and the world in general over the years. The rise of social media is evident, and those with skills are finding it lucrative and productive to work in the field. Opportunities are widely available with all kinds of organisations and companies. Of course an aspirant needs a sound understanding of how this platform works, but from there, the sky is pretty much the limit.

Many youngsters are coupling their penchant for writing with digital understanding to try their hands at this. Many advertising and journalism graduates are also looking at this field for a suitable work opportunity. These youngsters get really good at it, and enjoy what they do since they have a pulse on the youth trends as well as the market.

Generally, a person begins with being a social media strategist or a digital strategist. One could also be a community manager to manage certain web pages, a blogger to disseminate information, a social media marketing specialist or even a search engine marketing associate. Online customer representatives also form a part of this cohort. All of these jobs have many things in common, but the person should be aware of search engine optimization, or SEO. It is a process by which certain websites are promoted according to usage, and that increases the number of visitors to that website.

Most of the professionals in this field are young, fresh graduates since they already are clued into what is going on in the digital world.

Remuneration differs from job to job and company to company since it is a relatively new field. Salaries are handsome, however. Interns can earn anywhere between Rs. 5,000 a month to Rs. 10,000 a month. Those employed full time can earn between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 35,000 per month at the start.

 An aspirant asks

 Yash Khakkar, TYBCom student

I know that I have the ability to work in this field, but I do not know whether this field will be around long enough to make a career in it. I have a rough idea of what is needed, and I have done an internship in digital marketing before, so I know what it takes. But will it be a wise decision to opt for it? Or should I just take up a safe option like MBA?

Professional Prerna Desai answers: I feel that in this day and age, students like you should not be so cautious, since you can afford to take calculated risks. Currently, this field is riding high on a wave. You need to take advantage of it and build your strengths and go right ahead and work in the field. No one has anyway seen the future, so you cannot predict anything from now, so why worry. Think of it this way – once you start working in this field (I am assuming it will be in the next couple of years) you at least have a decade or two in this field since the internet is not going anywhere. By then you would have built a lot of strengths which will enable you to work otherwise if you have to. You do not have to opt for another field like MBA if your primary interest lies in social media marketing. I don’t think you have anything to be scared of.