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Here’s How to Keep Your Teen Calm During Exam Preparation


As exam time approaches, tension starts creeping in, and your child becomes jittery with the daunting load of the syllabus. Examination stress can really squeeze out the energy from your child. However, it is quite natural for them to feel a certain amount of stress before any significant examination such as NEET.

Here are some tips which can keep your teen calm during exam preparations:

  1. Sound Sleep

Make sure your child’s sleep pattern is not disturbed under any circumstances. Furthermore, keep them away from pulling an all-nighter. A good night’s sleep of around 7 to 8 hours is essential to refresh their mind and plays a significant role when it comes to retention. Sound sleep each day helps them memorise things faster and recall what they have learnt.

  1. Exercise

Teens should start their day with a little exercise that will give them an energy boost. Follow it up with a healthy breakfast that will keep them in a good mood and help them in studying attentively. Exercise also releases feel-good hormones in the body called endorphins which maintain focus and keep stress at bay.

  1. Rejuvenation

While preparing for their exam, your child needs to take out some ‘me time’ to regain energy spent while studying. Whether they enjoy listening to music, playing video games, going out for a walk with friends or reading novels, make sure that you carve out a schedule for them which allows time for some rejuvenation.

  1. Stay Positive

A positive attitude is highly crucial during exam preparation. It does not only spike your teen’s confidence level but also helps them in establishing faith in the hard work they put in.

  1. Group Studies

By studying with peers and constantly interacting with their classmates, children always tend to feel happier and calmer. This can go a long way in improving their performance on the day of the exam.

  1. Start Preparations on Time

You should ensure that your child doesn’t procrastinate, as this helps in avoiding last-minute apprehension. Your child should kick-start their exam preparation well in advance so that they don’t have to deal with added pressure and stress.

  1. Smart Study

Your child should follow a proper procedure and avoid cramming chapters. It’s essential for them to first understand the concept well and then revise it multiple times so that it stays embedded in their mind. Learning without understanding a particular chapter is futile and leads to unnecessary stress at the last minute.

  1. Online Test Preparation

Students should opt for online mock tests and online test series available on e-learning portals to enhance their preparation. Some medical entrance coaching centres like Aakash Institute provides mock tests to their students which helps in gauging the level of preparation. This helps in thorough preparation and reduces anxiety to a great extent.

  1. Discuss Their Post-Exam Plans

Post-exam plans can often act as motivation while your teen is studying all day long. Every time they feel low-spirited or stressed, talk to them about an extended holiday or about chilling with friends after exams. This will make them feel motivated to do their best and create excitement in their minds.

  1. Don’t Compare

To enhance your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence, never compare them or give examples of friends or relatives who have previously scored well and have got admissions in great colleges. This is unfair for any child as every child has different capabilities.

The best thing you can do for your child to help them study is to provide a supportive environment. You should continuously reassure your child about the exam so that they do not become anxious. On the day of the exam, make sure that they are well-rested. Besides the steps mentioned above, a relaxed mind and self-motivation are essential to keep stress at bay.