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Father’s Day 2017: 9 movies that portray the Father-Child relationship beautifully



A comic-drama directed by Bollywood’s Bengali and witty director Shoojit Sircar is all about constipation and unbreakable bond shared by an erratic father-daughter duo. Amitabh Bachchan plays a 70-year-old Bashkor Banerjee who suffers from constipation and who throws childlike tantrums on her daughter ‘Piku’, who is played by DeepikaPadukone. Bashkor is so dependent on ‘Piku’ that he doesn’t let her daughter marry and ‘Piku’ too being responsible daughter takes care of her dad like a baby.

Pursuit of Happyness

Based on a true story, Pursuit of Happyness features real life father-son duo Will and Jaden Smith. Will Smith as Chris Gardner struggles with financial crisis eventually and becomes homeless after his wife leaves him. He is left with nothing but his son. He manages to get an internship at a renowned brokerage firm and then his life starts taking good turns. This movie is an emotional rollercoaster which tells the story of a brave father who despite having nothing raises his child by himself.

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This marvellous piece by R Balki is yet another unconventional story of a father-son duo that is also played by real life father-son Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan. Interestingly Sr Bachchan and Jr Bachchan switched their roles on silver screen and rest is all magic. Big B plays Auro who has progeria and is brought up by her single mother Vidya played by Vidya Balan. Auro meets his father Amol who is a successful politician and he too becomes fond of his son. Auro makes it his mission to reconcile his parents.

Like Father, Like Son

This Japanese drama directed by Hirokazu Koreeda is a story of a successful architect Ryota Nonomiya, who later learns that his six-year-old son Kieta is not actually his son. His real biological son is Ryusei who is being brought up by a middle class electrician. During the birth the two boys were switched at hospitals. When the families come across this news they meet and they decide to exchange their kids. Ryota and his wife Midori is now trying to keep the things on pace with Ryusei but inside Ryota struggles with himself as he cannot accept the fact that Kieta is not his son. This is an amazing story of a father who walks on a tight rope balancing emotions and hard hitting reality of fatherhood.


Vikramaditya Motwane’s directorial debut Udaan was one the critically successful darkest social drama of the year. Ronit Roy essayed the character of a strict father while and Rajat Barmecha played his son Rohan. Home is the place we consider safest place for children but what happens when a child faces physical and mental abuse at his own house. This movie foretells the struggles of two young boys who are harassed by their own father and how they break free and escape.

Finding Nemo

It is yet another perfect example of infinite love of father who can go beyond oceans and clash with every trouble to unite with his son Nemo. Marlin is a clown fish who is over protective about his only son Nemo, who is physically weak because he has a small defective fin and according to his father incapable of taking risk and doing things alone. Irritated with his father, Nemo sneaks away from reef and is eventually captured by a dentist. And from there the mission Finding Nemo begins.


This work of art by director Shekhar Kapur features Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi in the pivotal roles. The film is based on novel Man, Woman and Child, which portrays life of a Delhi-based architect DK, married to Indu. The couple happily lives with their two daughters until one day DK receives news that his son from another woman is rendered orphan due to death of his mother. The story revolves around how the protagonists develop a bond with this boy to welcome him in their family.

The Descendants

The ‘Descendant’ is a story about Matthew, played by George Clooney, an attorney from a wealthy Hawaiian family whose wife Elizabeth suffers a boat accident resulting into coma. Matthew is now left alone with the responsibility of his two troubled daughters and named Scottie and Alex. Matthew already under emotional turmoil due to loss of his wife gets another jolt when he discovers about Elizabeth’s affair. The father and his daughters decide to find out their mom’s alleged lover and this unconventional journey makes the father-daughter bond much stronger.


This Mahesh Bhatt movie stars his real daughter, Pooja Bhatt, with Anupam Kher and Manohar Singh in the leading roles. Daddy explores the story of a girl named Pooja, who is brought by her grandparents and has no recollection of her parents. Eventually, the girl comes to know the identity of her father who is reluctant to face her due to his own insecurities. The film explores a beautiful angle in the father-daughter relationship.

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