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Counsel queries


Interest in animation

I have recently taken my FYBCom exams. During this vacation, I happened to join a computer animation course with my friend and I think I have found my vocation. I have never enjoyed class or studying the way I enjoy this course. In fact, I look forward to every session, and finish homework on time, and I proactively look up the internet to read up on related information and advance my knowledge. My parents are happy and surprised, since they have never seen me so sincere with my studies, and this is not even studies. I know that I want to work ahead in this course and an advanced one after this and try to build my career around it. My parents are supportive of the idea, but their condition is that I also have to finish my graduation. I feel it is a waste of time now for me to attend college lectures and take exams for BCom, since I already know what I want to do, and there is no requirement of a degree in commerce for working in computer animation. They are not agreeing. How do I get them to come around?

—Ganesh Karadevkar

Dear Ganesh,

I’m really happy for you that you going your calling and vocation so young, and that too coincidentally while you were taking a hobby course in the vacations. However, I am leaning towards what your parents think in this situation more than I’m leaning towards what you think.

You are only thinking of the short term in which you want to save time and save yourself basically of the little extra trouble of going through the academics in commerce which I’m suspecting you don’t really like. But think of it this way. You have already finished FYBCom. All you need is two more years. You have spent do many years training for your future, two more won’t hurt you.

Plus, studying in a college is not only about the BCom degree. It is a whole lot more. It is about hanging out with friends, going for a snack at the nearest vada pav station as soon as college is over, learning from your peers, getting by all kinds of classes – both interesting and boring, participating in college events and festivals, and getting all kinds of exposure. You will miss out on the last two years of this whole lot of fun if you quit now. Many seniors say that college life is the golden period for a student, and he should learn to enjoy it since it will never come back. I would say that to you. Think about it. The experience can never be the same at your computer coaching centre.

The academic advantage is that you will get a degree at the end of TYBCom. Having an academic degree didn’t hurt anyone. You’ve not seen the future, perhaps you don’t need the degree now, but may be for a future opportunity you may need it. The time to study and get the degree, however, is now. And BCom lectures are early in the morning. Once you are done with lectures, you can go ahead and work on your animation. You don’t really need private coaching classes. You will save time that way. You can study for a few weeks before each exam, and I’m sure you can manage. My advice is the pros far outweigh the cons in studying for your BCom degree. Think about it.

Teaching aspirations

I am in SYBA, and after a short stint in tutoring the neighbour’s child in fifth standard math, I realised that I am really good at teaching, and more importantly, I enjoy it a lot! I have done my research on pursuing further studies – either a BEd to become a school teacher or an ECCE to work with preschool children. But I’m confused between the two, and I can’t make up my mind. Please can you help? Also, I’m having a tough time explaining my parents my decision. They think that teaching is an extremely underpaid profession and that teachers are not even adequately respected. They feel pursuing human resources (mostly an MBA) will provide me with much better prospects than teaching. What would you say?

—Riddhi Parekh

Dear Riddhi,

Many students like you are faced with confusing decisions at this stage, so first, let me tell you, you are not alone. As far as teaching is concerned, I would say the decision between BEd and ECCE depends totally on the candidate’s interest and ability. From what you have mentioned, you were teaching a kid in middle school, but the way you have expressed your interest, I am assuming that you would be happy in either case, as long as you are in a classroom.

So, I think you should use the time you have to explore you interest and see which you like better. If possible, try and volunteer for a few days at a summer camp for preschool children or at a professional day care to get a feel of working with children who are that young.

As far as your personality goes, you will need oodles of patience to deal with the younger kids compared to the ones in middle school. The pattern of work also will be very different in terms of how you teach and how you evaluate the students. Middle school will be far more formal in terms of completing the syllabus and working towards an exam.

Perhaps it may not affect you too much, but also, the durations of the courses differ.

For your second query, I think your parents may have based their opinions on their own experiences, however, times have changed a lot. Teaching as a profession is not as badly paid as they think. With the correct certifications and degrees, you’ll be able to earn a good pay packet at an established school.

Why don’t you conduct your own research on the payment patterns in both are schools as well as middle school teaching? You’ll find that the numbers are decent and you can show them to your parents. You can explain to them that you will thoroughly enjoy your profession and life of you choose teaching over human resources.

MBA specialisation confusion

I am in my final year of engineering, and simultaneously, I am going to prepare for the MBA entrance exams. I have talked to many seniors, peers and teachers and thought of taking up an MBA immediately after my BE degree so I don’t waste a year in preparation. Also, it will provide me with better job prospects. However, I am very confused regarding choosing the specialisation in the second year of MBA. I think I will be good at finance or marketing, but there’s also human resources. This confusion is really taking a toll on me. Which specialisation would you suggest?

—Anant Hegde

Dear Anant,

First, you don’t need to pressurise yourself so much by thinking about your specialisation all the time! First, you concentrate on clearing your BE with the required marks, and second, work hard on getting an adequate score at the entrance test to get the institute of your choice. The decision regarding specialisation has to be made only in the second year. In that regard, once you start your MBA, you will be mentored by the faculty there as well. You can take that decision once you are already in the programme and perhaps completed a semester so you can figure which subjects interest you the most. You will also have to factor in your aptitude. Don’t worry so much, you will have adequate time to decide.