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9th HEF conference and awards convention: Every student is different with a unique set of skills


Participants and organisers of HEF

Students can create wonders if their skillsets are tapped by teachers and enhanced through proper guidance. Questioning, reasoning and analysis can lead to creativity which can lead to innovation and development at an exponential rate.

Schools, teachers and principals should have provisions for talent and skills. Rabinder Henry, Director of Pralhad Chhabria Research Center, said, “We can use our five sensory organs and our mind to analyse everything and create something innovative. We got to create something of our own and not depend on outsourcing.”

Every student has some required set of skills. Atyachit Narasimha, professor of Department of Physics of Rani Chennama University, said, “Do not restrict students to school syllabus but let them go out and explore their ability. Certain exercises, practical assignments and field work can help students to challenge their abilities and go beyond basics. Creativity has no limitations and students should be allowed to think.”


Lighting of the lamp by organisers and participants of HEF

While, workshops and experimentation can help students to identify their skill sets. Arvind Paranjpye, Director of Nehru Planetarium, said, “Workshops can make students work in terms of gaining a practical exposure. When students are out in the field they will come up with better ideas and innovative methods.”

Questioning is the key to success. Abhay Jere, Secretary of Smart India Hackathon, said, “We do not like questions so we do not allow our kids to question. But it is only when students question that they can analyse, reason out and come up with different innovative ideas. As teachers we have to tell our students that we can solve problems together. Meanwhile, as students we just got to ask more questions and keep our curiosity alive.”