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Why is Mayawati scared of Chandra Shekhar Ravan


Why is BSP national president Mayawati so scared of Chandra Shekhar Ravan of Bheem Sena, who was recently released by the Yogi government?

The manner in which Mayawati reacted to her being referred as Buaji (aunt) by Chandra Shekhar Ravan speaks for the total antipathy for her by this young Dalit leader, who has demonstrated his popularity in western UP. Mayawati said Chandra Shekhar was only interested in pursuing his ambition. She claimed that she was the leader of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes and the have-nots.

Soon after his release from jail, Chandra Shekhar Ravan said that he respects Buaji (Mayawati) for her struggle for the cause of Dalits and the fight against BJP and announced his support for both. It seems Mayawati is scared of the rise of Chandra Shekhar Ravan as he enjoys the support of not only Dalits but also other sections of society and leaders working in other states. She had earlier tried to dismiss Ravan by terming him as BJP-RSS protégé.

As leader of Bheem Sena with his headquarters in Saharanpur district, Chandra Shekhar Ravan has been fighting for the cause of Dalits, especially on the issue of land distribution and their empowerment. He demonstrated his strength by holding an impressive rally at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi with support from other states as well. The reason for the rise in popularity of Chandra Shekhar Ravan among young Dalits is his accessibility to all and his unflinching faith in the ideology of BR Ambedkar.

Soon after his release, Chandra Shekhar Ravan announced that he would not only oppose BJP but join the forces working to dislodge the saffron party from the Centre in the 2019 polls. On the contrary, Mayawati is not at all accessible to her followers. Whether she remains in power or out of power, she kept herself out of reach for her party leaders and workers. She remains in touch with only very few leaders. Her lifestyle and love for big bungalows always remained controversial, especially for a leader who claims to work for the uplifting of have-nots. Dalit activist Darapuri blames Mayawati for betraying the trust of her electorates and for not doing anything concrete for the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe people when she was in power.

Ever since Mayawati announced her decision to support Ajit Jogi in Chhattisgarh and putting up of candidates in Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, her joining the opposition alliance now remains anybody’s guess. In fact, observers have described these developments as a serious setback to the efforts to forge a united front against BJP in the coming Lok Sabha elections.

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