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Mehbooba insensitive to cops’ killings


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Reports that not a single minister of the Mehbooba Mufti government went to the funeral of the six Jammu and Kashmir policemen who were gunned down by terrorists in Anantnag district on Friday reflect the futility of the Centre propping up a government which has been repeatedly abdicating its responsibility and lowering the morale of the law enforcement agencies. That Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti chose to ignore the tragic deaths of these martyrs when she spoke in the State assembly points to either cowardice in condemning Lashkar- e-Taiba which was believed to be behind the incident or plain indifference at the plight of the policemen.

During her entire speech, Mehbooba harped on the need for the Centre to open a dialogue with separatists. At a time when the State should be mourning the martyrdom of the policemen who died defending Kashmir and Kashmiris from the onslaught of terror, the Chief Minister’s deplorable harangue was sickening indeed. Omar Abdullah, who spoke the language of reason when he was in the chief ministerial chair has also in recent times left no one guessing who he is on the side of.

Considering that the BJP is a partner with the PDP in the coalition, the condemnation must extend equally to the BJP ministers who have even a deputy chief minister. At least a BJP minister could have attended the solemn funeral of the killed cops. Considering that the LeT works in tandem with the Pakistan army as has been borne out by several reports from time to time, the people of Kashmir must realise who their ill-wishers are.

All that the State government did was to issue a media release over the killings. Mehbooba Mufti is running a government which survives today because of the intervention of the army on political direction but she had no word of praise for the armed forces. Only the other day she had lashed out at the army for rewarding an officer who used a mobster as a human shield to protect his jawans from being pounced upon by stone-pelters who were acting at the instigation of forces across the border.

The Narendra Modi government must seriously ponder whether anything is being gained by propping up a government led by Mehbooba and being participated in by its own party. Is it not time to set political expediency aside and either send out a warning to the Mehbooba Mufti government to mend its ways or else the Centre would have no option but to impose Governor’s rule in the State. As it is, the recent measures taken against the separatist Hurriyat leaders are half-hearted and are not making any positive impact on the way things are going.