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A friendship between India and China does not suit the clever American cat


In this file photograph shows Prime Minister Narendra Modi (R) greets Chinese President Xi Jinping during a meeting in New Delhi.In this file photograph shows Prime Minister Narendra Modi (R) greets Chinese President Xi Jinping during a meeting in New Delhi.

India has participated in the newly formed “Indo-Pacific Region” constituting of Australia, India, Japan and the United States, but excluding China even though China is the dominant player in the Pacific region. The “Indo-Pacific Region” is being seen as an American effort to encircle China with Japan in the east and India in the south. India’s participation in the Indo-Pacific Region signals her joining the United States against China — which are the two global centers of power today. This stance of India is driven not by the long term geopolitical considerations but a hangover from the 1962 War that we are unable to overcome. In order to put the issue in perspective, we have to look at the histories of China and the United States.

The Chinese civilization is basically inward-looking. Her main problem has been that she has been repeatedly subjected to attacks by neighbours from Mongolia, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Burma and Tibet. About 2,500 years ago, during the Chin dynasty, the Great Wall was constructed to keep the tribal intruders away. In the sixth century, during the Tang dynasty, peace was bought by handing over defense to non-Chinese people and generals. In the tenth century, the Sung dynasty bought peace with the tribal people in the north by agreeing to pay a yearly tribute to them. In the thirteenth century, Mongol King Genghis Khan captured Beijing. China was encircled by France in Vietnam, England in Burma, Russia in Manchuria and Japan in Korea before the Second World War. The main problem faced by the Chinese rulers has been to protect their territory from such intrusion from the outside. Indeed, Chinese rulers have intermittently attacked certain neighbouring countries but that has been short-lived. In her long history of about 4,000 years, China has not ever espoused Imperialistic ambitions. She has not conquered a single foreign land to plant her flag.

Tibet could be touted as an exception. But Tibet has been under Chinese suzerainty for some history, at least.  It also acts as a buffer against foreign invasion from the southwest. Hence, its position is more like that of Bhutan and Nepal with India rather than of an independent nation marauded by Chinese conquerors. Presently the Chinese are trying to integrate Tibet with the mainland economy by building a railway line and settling mainland people in the region. The Tibetan leadership-in-exile considers this to be an affront to the culture of the Tibetan people. But as far as basic economics or politics is concerned, China is behaving like a big brother, even though a domineering one, with respect to Tibet, rather than like an Imperialist power seeking only to exploit its resources.

In comparison, America has been an aggressive country. Its foundations have been laid on the blood of Native American Indians. European intruders killed the natives mercilessly and forcibly captured their territories. America has launched wars in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq since the Second World War. It has unseated a number of democratically elected leaders like Salvador Allende of Chile and routinely supported blatantly anti-democratic regimes like that of Saudi Arabia for its commercial gains.

We have to choose between an inward-looking China and an aggressive and militant America. Fundamentally, China and India are similar and have lived peacefully with each other for 4000 years for this reason.

The main impediment to our friendship comes from the 1962 war. In his book “India’s China War”, Neville Maxwell had provided a wealth of data establishing that the war was triggered by India’s Defense Minister Krishna Menon’s reckless “Forward Policy”. Indian army made various uncalled-for incursions in the disputed areas traditionally controlled by China. The Chinese have a saying – “teaching a lesson”. It is a part of their strategic vocabulary. As far as they are concerned, 1962 was not about grabbing territory but it was about teaching India a lesson. Therefore, we should accept our folly of 1962 and move ahead. France has made common cause with Germany despite it having been conquered and marauded by the latter. There is no reason why we cannot settle the border issues.

We are caught between two contradictory signals from China and the United States. China has a 4,000-year history of peace while it has fought a war with us in 1962. The United States, on the other hand, has a 500-year history of violence and war but has helped us, for example, by providing wheat as aid to overcome the drought of the sixties. We have to decide whether we will determine our friend and foe on the basis of their fundamental character or on the basis of their relationship with us in the last seventy years. My view is that, we must give more importance to the fundamental character of the country because that will endure just as the doctor gives more importance to the main disease of the patient or the farmer gives more importance to the main seasonal variation. Short term events like the 1962 War with China and the food aid in the sixties must be seen as aberrations in the basic character of the two countries.

A friendship between India and China does not suit the clever American cat, however. The United States has employed our professors and bureaucrats to ramp up anti-China hype in the country in order to hide its own basic militant character and divert our attention to the short-term event of the 1962 War. Our bureaucrats sing the American tune in the hope that they will be landed with plush assignments in the World Bank, United Nations, other multilateral agencies dominated by the Americans, American Universities and American Multinational Corporations. One former Secretary of Power to the Government of India proudly told me that the World Bank had given him an assignment that paid Rs 65,000 per day. I would think he would toe the line of the American masters of the World Bank. Our bureaucrats and professors spontaneously toe the American line in the hope of getting such assignments. Thus, the clever American cat has got India and China — the two foolish monkeys — to fight with each other.

Author is a former professor of Economics at IIM Bengaluru.

  • Kautilya

    What a stunning ‘apology’ on behalf of China by Prof. Jhunjhunwala! He should be thankful for the ‘freedom of expression’ he enjoys in India. Had he been a Chinese writing a similar article about India; he’d have disappeared in no time.

    Some astounding pearls from his article:

    The Chinese civilization is basically inward-looking. Her main problem has been that she has been repeatedly subjected to attacks by neighbours from Mongolia, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Burma and Tibet.

    Really? Meanwhile there is a Wikipedia page that lists the nations that paid tributes to China. But ofcourse, Wikipedia is the propaganda of the clever American cat!

    Short term events like the 1962 War with China and the food aid in the sixties must be seen as aberrations in the basic character of the two countries.
    Ofcourse! And the recent Doklam standoff as a mere coincidence. China is a really really peaceful nation!

    And this man is a Professor at the IIM!

    • Parapuram Joseph

      Freedom of expression was not obtained by the efforts of bjp or jan sangh or hindu mahasabha; but by Indian National Congress. You have no ETHICAL,MORAL right to take the name of Mother India because your forefather – Hindu Mahasabha – sided with British and boycotted Quit India movement and honoured the killer/s of the Father of the Nation! How shamelessly you claim yourself as a patriot(your comments say so!)

      • Kautilya

        As a son of “Prostitute Mary”; you’ve not idea what ETHICS and MORALITY are!

        • Parapuram Joseph

          Apologise or I shall report your abusive comments to cyber cell/police department/Hon. Judiciary.

          • Kautilya

            Why don’t you get yourself admitted to a mental asylum instead? Atleast there is a chance you’ll cured of your affliction to post derogatory and threatening comments.

          • Parapuram Joseph

            Don’t try to beat around the bush. I am giving you a chance to apologise. I have never ever posted any comments which amounted to sedition neither have I abused any person or religion. You better tender an apology; else I shall take time and resort to legal action against you because I have faith in Judiciary.

          • Kautilya

            I have never ever posted any comments which amounted to sedition neither have I abused any person or religion.

            That is up to me to prove otherwise after you’ve lodged your complaint. Go ahead and let me know. I’ve faith in your cowardice.

        • Parapuram Joseph

          Have already taken a screen shot of your abusive comments and if I don’t receive an UNCONDITIONAL APOLOGY FROM YOU, I shall resort to legal formalities which shall land you in JAIL.

        • Parapuram Joseph

          Last warning. Apologise or face consequence.

          • Kautilya

            Masa Mary Mon

          • Parapuram Joseph

            I have contacted based in New Delhi. The case shall be filed at your cost; be ready for a jail term. Kautilya’s whereabouts could easily be extracted from the Free Press Journal authorities. Nightmare in pipeline for you. You called me coward; you will see whether I am coward.

          • Kautilya

            Masa Mary mone. Ninte ammakku vettu nayinte mone.

  • Vips

    What an insidious attempt to portray history in a wrong manner and project China as responsible country. Only a mentally challenged person would overlook how anti-india, china has been and is as of today.
    Look at how biased this “professor” is:
    -Annexation of Tibet, Imposing War on India are all short term aberrations.
    -Overlooks the continuous proliferation of Nuclear technology and missiles to Pakistan, North Korea to cause nuisance to the rest of the world.
    -Wilful overruling of International court of justice judgement to noe alter the status quo of territory in South China sea.
    -Imposing war on Vietnam to support the murderous regime in Cambodia.
    -Encouraging Pakistan to spread terrorism around the world and letting it go scott free from censure in the united Nations by vetoing consistently the attempts to put pakistani individuals in tne designated terrorist category.

    So Mr Jhunjhunwala what is the real reason for this print diarrhea? Lifafa Journalism for China or a grudge/angst against USA or taht you are just a low self-esteemed self hating Indian?

    The IIM committee needs to have this author psychologically evaluated to see if he is fit to continue as a professor there.

  • Parapuram Joseph

    When Rahul Gandhi met a Chinese envoy, there was a huge hue and cry by bjp supporters (only)! When mr. narendra modi, swings, hugs, hobnobs with cheeni (enemy no.1) leaders, it is diplomacy! Away from the theme, for publicity sake, I invite readers to view my video – Homage to Pandit Nehru by p g joseph – in youtube. Please do mark your like/dislike too. Thank you readers.

    • IAF101

      Hey dumbo – Who is the heck is Rahul Gandhi to get “information” about India-China relations from the Chinese ambassador ?

      Narendra Modi is the PRIME MINISTER of India – perhaps you clowns do not know what that means – but it is is HIS JOB to “swing. hug, hobnob” with cheenis – he gets PAID to do that and is REQUIRED to do that.

      When there is a dispute between India and China – every REAL INDIAN – other than this half italian SOB Pappu looks to the Govt of India for information and India’s position. Instead your half-wit princeling gets schooled by the Chinese and then barks comments without knowing the difference between his bottom and his head on the topic!

      Perhaps you will stop making your disgusting fetish videos of the Gandhi family and pick up a class 8 civics textbook and read about how the Govt of India works – instead of being a Nehru dynasty worshiper.

      • Parapuram Joseph

        First and foremost please don’t address me the way you address YOUR FATHER, MOTHER. Secondly, YOUR modi USURPED the Chair by the following:
        1. Ghettoising Gujarat and couple of other States
        2. Programed EVMs
        3. Money and muscle power
        But the deceiver shall be voted out in 2019 by sane,sagacious, noble HINDU voters only! No need to import aliens!
        As far as your last para is concerned, it is absurd, illogical and comes from an immature person. YOUR modi is just following systems and processes put in place by successive Congress regimes. There is no NEW scheme that he has implemented. Old wine in new bottle, bhakt! I hope I have given an appropriate impromptu slap to a PERVERTED bhakt. Jai Hind.

        • IAF101

          Firstly, I’ll address you the way you DESERVE to be addressed.

          Secondly, the bootlickers of the Gandhi dynasty will obviously find the elected representative of millions of people across India to be a “usurper” because for you bootlickers NOBODY except the criminal family’s member can be in the “chair”.

          And your dreams about 2019 or 2023 are your own, nobody cares about them. HINDU voters will never vote for Italian bar dancers and her illegitimate children. The days of monarchy in India are over – perhaps you bootlickers don’t know that with your heads up the Gandhi backsides ?

          Perhaps intoxicated with all the shoe polish you and your forefathers licked from Gandhi boots you don’t realize that Ambedkar who wrote the constitution of India was AGAINST the Congress Party and it was Mahatma Gandhi who FORCED Nehru to put him in charge of the drafting of the Constitution because even Gandhi knew that Nehru was a useless lawyer. And it was the Constituent Assembly that “passed” the Constitution – not the Congress. But such mental and intellectual deficiency is unsurprising from the bootlickers of Dynasties.

          As to your BS about “NO NEW” system – entire India has been touched by Modi’s works – from millions of toilets built, to bullet trains. Economy, politics, governance, everything has been changed by PM Modi. And unlike the scum you worship – he hasn’t named one bridge, road or even hut after his own name.

          And that is why his name will be remembered long after the last Gandhi dog and you bootlicking rats are dead.

  • IAF101

    I have only one question to this Jhunjunwala former IIM Bangalore disgrace – how much MONEY are you and your family members making in business related to China ??