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  • FIFA World Cup 2018: Top 10 players to watch out for

    The biggest sports festival of 2018 organised by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), FIFA World Cup is all set to begin in Russia from June 14, 2018. The top 32 countries are all set to fight against each other to become the ultimate winner of the season.

  • Ramesh Powar

    Cricket’s lost talent! Ramesh Powar: Great first class player who could not achieve big in national squad 

    The Indian cricket team has seen a lot of bowlers who were once part of the national team and were expected to be promising in future, but they lost their way to the squad and were out of the national team. In the pace category, there are a lot of such bowlers. However, there are very few bowlers in the spinner’s category who were part of the national squad and could not

  • Bollywood’s Forgotten Stars: 10 Unknown facts about ‘Pehla Nasha’ fame Ayesha Jhulka

    One of the most popular actresses of late 90s, Ayesha Jhulka has spread her magic on her fans with her beautiful looks and amazing acting talent. Once upon a time, the actress was known as one of the busiest actresses of 90s. However, Ayesha slowly started vanishing from the film industry. Hence, she is now considered as one of the forgotten stars of Bollywood.

  • India vs Bangladesh Women’s Asia Cup T20: LIVE Score, Match Commentary, Updates

    India Women are set to lock-horns with Bangladesh in the Women’s Asia Cup final at Kinrara Academy Oval, Kuala Lumpur. In the must-win match, India Women best Pakistan Women by 7 wickets thanks to heroics from opener Smriti Mandhana, skipper Harmanpreet Kaur and spinner Ekta Bisht. Women in Blue will look to clinch their seventh Aisa Cup in the final. To note, earlier, Bangladesh had beaten India which was their first ever

  • sonam kapoor mangalsutra, Bollywood celebs who got trolled

    Sonam Kapoor to Abhishek Bachchan: When Bollywood celebs were needlessly trolled

    Sonam Kapoor, Salman Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Mandira Bedi—apart from being celebrities, they all have one other thing in common: being trolled by the netizens for trivial reasons. Mostly they have been taken to task—unnecessarily we might add—for their choice of clothing by faceless names. And not just them, anything the haters deem “inappropriate” will be trolled. Here are a few celebrities who were trolled for something absolutely frivolous:

  • A sea of memories

    The sea makes me think of salt. Salt everywhere. In my mouth. In my eyes. In my hair. In my bones. I have always loved the sea.

  • Breach: Remarkable Stories of Espionage and Data Theft and the Fight to Keep Secrets Safe by Nirmal John-Review

    Welcome to the 21st century where we are silently being followed by the web apocalypse and will soon be hit by it if we fail to realise it’s uncontrollably spreading web and instead prefer to be its slave. In a world where massive steps are put into practice to help conserve encryption security and eradication of data theft, Breach by Nirmal John is a subtle reminder of the fact that none of

  • Bombay Swastika by Braham Singh: Review

    Rumour had it they had gone found some poor dead bastard at Fertilisers and Ernst Steiger realised he too was out of luck. Times like this, he would rub the mole on his face. The fertiliser factory compound was emptying before his eyes and he thought, surely a skeleton shift stays back to man a continuous process plant? It doesn’t appear that way, even though not everyone was headed for the gates.

  • Bhanu Uday: Manto opened up a completely new world of acting for me

    Even though he is a big star in the telly land, Bollywood is still waiting to discover the prowess of the phenomenal actor Bhanu Uday, who will be soon seen in Nandia Das’much-talked-aboutt film Manto, which is based on writer Saadat Hasan Manto’s life. Not the one to shy away from hard work, Bhanu Uday goes into a pensive mood and recalls about how he bagged the

  • The ISIS Caliphate: From Syria to the Doorsteps of India by Stanly Johny- Review

    The name of the book is a bold step in itself by the author. In India where majority of media person are in denial about the presence of ISIS, here is a book by a journalist which accepts it. The author Stanly Johny is International Affairs Editor with a leading English newspaper and has a PhD in West Asian Studies from JNU.

  • Eat healthy while travelling: Handy tips

    Why spoil the vacation by falling ill due to unhealthy eating habits. Here are a few points to keep in mind while taking a trip

  • Do We Not Bleed?: Reflections of a 21-st Century Pakistani by Mehr Tarar- Review

    Gripping. Yes, it is. Every chapter has to be finished in one go, but you cannot read the whole book at once. It is not a one night read. It’s heavy. Easy to understand, but difficult to swallow. The harsh realities of women in the 21st-century country, ‘where movement of female body is prohibited’, Mehr Tarar encloses pity, fear, anger and disgust with every chapter.

  • Agony Aunt helps you to deal with workplace problems

    I lost my father last month and a few days ago received his will papers. I have been entrusted with his entire company and I have no idea as to what I can do with it. I am an artist by profession and know nothing about clothes manufacturing factory. There are a lot of people dependent on the company and I can’t simply shut it. How do I tackle this?

  • Treat life like a waterfall

    The ubiquitous water cycle is the perfect example of how things constantly change, yet remain unchanged

  • Sex and the city: The swap sorrows

    Q: My husband insists on engaging in wife-swapping with his core group of married friends. I am deeply disturbed. He views this act as acceptable and is unable to appreciate how disturbing the thought is to me. He is a good provider and a good father to the kids. I can’t speak to anyone about this and he refuses to see a marriage Counsellor with me. What should I do?