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  • IPL’s Lost talent! Manpreet Gony: MS Dhoni’s shining star who lost his glitter

    Since the inception of Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008, there have been quite a few players whose name were unheard but their strong performances in the tournament brought them in limelight, turning them overnight stars. The tournament has seen many players who shine in one match but later get faded away as the new amazing talents take over. And such was MS Gony. Well, it’s not a spelling

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    Bollywood’s Forgotten Stars: 10 tragic facts you should know about Rishi Kapoor’s best friend, actor – Raj Kiran

    Bollywood is the world of hardworking people where aspiring people come to chase their dream into this entertainment industry. Some of them gain success and become popular among the masses. However, sometimes luck doesn’t last long in their life as their success diminishes and those stars turn forgotten for all. Hence, on this Sunday, we have brought yet another tragic story of the star who has now

  • Happy Easter 2018: 14 Exhilarating facts on ‘Easter Eggs’

    For most of us, Easter is determined as a Christian holiday that symbolizes Jesus’ resurrection or the distribution of Easter Eggs. However, there’s much more to this rollicking affair of eggs associated to Easter. Get amused by the exhilarating facts that will make you ponder on how well you know Easter!

  • Hot and Sexy! 5 braless pictures of Bruna Abdullah that went viral

    Bruna Abdullah has always stunned her fans with her hot pictures, the Brazilian model and a Bollywood actress took to her Instagram to post a braless picture of her, talking about her attire she is wearing a formal black jacket but it is unbuttoned all the way down. She teams this up with a colourful high waist bikini bottom. Bruna may be missing from the Bollywood scene for a while now, but

  • CBSE paper leak: Distressed students protest, government forgets these are potential voters of 2019 elections

    When will we learn from our mistakes? We voted for a government which promised us a corruption-free country, but here are we again back to square one, still facing problems of corruption. The CBSE paper leak has shocked the entire nation, especially students across the country who were let down by their government, whom they think apparently were working towards their welfare.

  • Swara Bhaskar: Life teaches everyone as we go about living it

    She is frank, honest and fearless. Actress Swara Bhaskar believes in acknowledging the “good” as well as “not-so-good” realities of the film industry and says when someone tries to shut her down, is when she gets more strength to rise above the fear and that it is a test of her conviction. “Life teaches everyone as we go about living it — it is normal,” Swara says when asked

  • How to overcome challenging situations

    Humans should inculcate the efficacious habit of accepting failures as easily as we embrace momentous and successful moments

  • Vishal Patni hoped to play more powerful roles

    Vishal Patni, who plays the role of Farus in the period drama Porus, says the show has helped him gain attention from show-makers and getting more roles as well. “From the time I started playing Farus, I have been appreciated a lot for my acting, my looks and I have also been getting calls from other production houses for negative characters. They think that I am playing this negative character quite well.

  • Gunjan Utreja loves living out of a suitcase

    While travelling can be tiresome for many actors, Gunjan Utreja is not one of them. The actor, who has been travelling a lot recently due to work, says that he loves it. “It’s great that I get to live out of a suitcase and travel the world because of my job. I love being on the go and interacting with so many people and entertaining them through my craft. On an average,

  • Sex And The City: Dealing with Tinder Dilemma

    It’s no-brainer that we need sex education, desperately. Young people are naturally curious about sex and sexuality but our society treats sex as a taboo subject, hence what should have been taught in classrooms, is learnt behind doors on small screens or handheld devices. Most Indians follow trial-and-error method when it comes to understanding bodies – be it ours or our partner’s. But today’s generation is not shy of exploring beyond boundaries,

  • No one can escape pain in life

    There comes a phase in everyone’s life when you suddenly experience that whatever you do gives you outmost joy thereby resulting into achieving almost everything that you had planned for the week. You describe it as a perfect week and hope the week ahead would also be the same, if not better.