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  • Books help Sanjay Kaushik to unwind

    Actor Sanjay Kaushik says he enjoys reading books. “Reading books has a significant number of benefits, and now it has become my habit to read few pages before I go to sleep. A well-written novel can transport us to other realms, while an engaging article will distract you and keep you in the present moment, letting tensions drain away and allowing you to relax. Books are stress buster for me,” Sanjay said.

  • Vinit Kakar loves bonding with kids

    Actor Vinit Kakar, who is currently seen in mythological show “Vighnaharta Ganesha”, says he enjoys bonding and spending time with children. “I have special place for children in my life. I enjoy spending time with them. I like involving myself either talking with them or doing task or playing with them. I’m very much an emotional person,” Vinit said in a statement. Vinit earlier appeared in shows like “Rudra Ke Rakshak” and

  • India Bike Week: Wonder women set biking goals

    The India Bike Week focused on motley women bikers who roared on high-speed mean machines by overcoming challenges, writes Tapapriya Lahiri

  • When schools join hands with ‘outsiders’ to provide innovative learning

    Picture a school where children work alongside engineers and scientists, language experts, dancers and musicians to measure a building’s carbon output, write a novel or make a dance troupe. Vibha Singh explores the concept where schools join hands with outsiders to give innovative learning to students

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    TECH TIPS: How to use your laptop as a Wi-Fi hotspot

    Wireless connectivity is a feature that has come a long way and something most people with smartphones and laptops simply can’t do without. For common users, a router at is a simple solution to convert their wired internet connection into a wireless one. But what happens if your router just stops working? And your data plan won’t suffice for the rest of the day? There is an easy way of keeping all

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    Tech-savvy accessories for design-minded riders

    Whether you are a casual rider, a daily commuter, or a pro-cyclist, having the right gear for the journey can make a huge difference. Looking for a special gift for your bike? Want a handsome bag to satisfy all of your urban cycling needs? Or maybe a high-tech helmet or a new lighting system to boost your visibility in traffic? What about a smart denim jacket that connects to the internet? Designed

  • tech news, technology, rider's tech, tech gadgets, rider's gadgets, gadgets for cycling enthusiasts, bike gadgets,

    Rider’s Tech: Gadgets for cycling enthusiasts

    Here is a list of the best bike gadgets and accessories, which contains delights like smart devices that track your progress, lots of new ways to think about safety when cycling and many more cool things

  • Manish Pushkale: The painter of light and shadows

    Manish Pushkale had his first brush with fame when he won the S H Raza Foundation award at the young age of 30 years. By 2006, he was breaking auction records alongside Atul Dodiya, Baiju Parthan and G R Iranna on Saffronart. My acquaintance with Manish is more recent. The Pushkale of today is a matured, deeply immersed and well honed artist who treats the world as his canvas. His play with

  • Properties and Actions of Different Substances

    In the below mentioned table, some variations may be found in context to Rasa, Virya, Vipaka, Properties and Actions on different substances in various treatises such as Caraka Samhita, Susruta Samhita, Astanga Hrdaya, Bhavprakasa and other Ayurvedic nighantus. Following mentioned Properties and Actions are based on various Ayurvedic nighantus.

  • Residents of Zaveri Bazaar feel they are ‘soft targets’ for terror

    Shiv Kanodia, resident of Bhuleshwar, said, “Nothing has changed. The security increases only at the time when someone attacks the place and innocent people die. The narrow lanes are so risky that even if someone leaves some explosive material then it will be difficult to trace. therefore, it has become a terrorist target.”

  • Commissioner pulls up dist civil supplies officer

    Hoshangabad : Umakant Umrao, the commissioner of Narmadapuram Division on Saturday held a marathon meeting for reviewing the performance of food and civil supplies and cooperatives departments. He pulled up BS Tomar, district food and civil supplies officer of Hoshangabad for not deleting the names of ineligible beneficiaries from the BPL list. He told the officer that many eligible persons are not getting the benefits of BPL scheme as the lists were

  • RPF keeping a hawk’s eye to ensure passenger security

    Mumbai : It’s nine years since attacks of 2008 led to the transition of security apparatus of Mumbai’s railway stations from local to national with intelligence wing keeping a hawk’s eye view on the ground level readiness. The current strength of Railway Protection Force (RPF) on central railway is 5400 (1923 for Mumbai suburban division), which has almost doubled as compared to the strength in 2008.