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    Here are some apps for pet lovers

    There’s an app for everything, even for your four-footed friends. They deserve to have as much fun as the rest of us. However, you might find the array of possibilities daunting. Whether you’re looking for a tablet game for your cat, apps for logging your dog walks or first aid apps for your pet, there’s going to be something here for you and your furry friends

  • Fashion fundas: How to best wear wrap dresses

    What a difference a trend can make to your appearance. And wrap dresses are a trend which is elegance with ease and does wonders for your mood. It can be worn anywhere or on anything and has become a lightweight staple. Wear this tricky style well is quite the task.

  • Tom Petty tribute! He was simply the rock star

    Tom Petty, the definitive rock and roll star and one of the finest musicians of our times, died of a cardiac arrest recently. Kalyani Majumdar pays tribute

  • Pet Tech: Gadgets that’ll make you wish to have a pet

    In an era of luxury dog hotels, pet-friendly restaurants and an endless array of hilarious cat gifs, it’s clear that people are more pet-obsessed than ever. Now, new pet tech is helping people take better care of their four-legged family members. From digital fetch machines to smart feeders, this tech is bringing owners and pets even closer.

  • Vajikarana: Treatment for Infertility and Virility – The Science of Healthy Procreation

     In Ayurveda classics, dharma (duty or ethical virtues), artha (wealth or material benefits and goals), kama (desire or lust) and moksa (salvation or liberation) when compiled together form ‘purusartha catustaya,’ which means the above four factors are the main goals of human life. Following these principles of life, one can attain salvation. To achieve this purusartha catustaya, it is important for a person to remain healthy. This is the reason why in

  • When illogic is logical! Learning lessons from TEDxCRCE

    Whether it is technological innovations, social activities, business, government or the environment, it is we who have to choose to act upon it. What makes the speakers at TEDxCRCE, different from others is that they took the first step beyond the barrier of what may first seem ‘illogical’ to implement the ‘logical’ explanation, writes Vibha Singh

  • Artist Charan Sharma on painting prayers and puppets with love

    Charan Sharma is a painter of prayers, creating canvases that are hymns of joy and devotion. From humble beginnings in Nathdwara, Charan has graduated to a luxurious lifestyle in Mumbai, metamorphosing at work from traditional renditions to contemporary stroke-play. He is today much sought after by elite collectors and his works adorn the homes of the ultra-rich.

  • Kiwis brace for India-dance

    Mumbai : Hardly challenged in a dominating run this season, India will once again start overwhelming favourites when they take on an inconsistent-but-gritty New Zealand in a three-match ODI series, starting here on Sunday.

  • Smriti Irani, Rahul Gandhi engage in a tweet war

    New Delhi : Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani on Saturday took a dig at Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi over the rise in the number of people retweeting his messages and sought to link this with twitter accounts in Russia, Indonesia and Kazakhstan.

  • Pakistani woman journalist writing about Indian, rescued after 2 yrs

    Lahore : A Pakistani woman journalist who was allegedly kidnapped while pursuing the case of an Indian engineer two years ago has been rescued, officials said. Zeenat Shahzadi, a 26-year-old reporter of Daily Nai Khaber and Metro News TV channel, went missing on August 19, 2015, when some unidentified men allegedly kidnapped her while she was en route to her office in an auto-rickshaw from her home in a populated locality of

  • Labourer commits suicide

    BHOPAL : 38-year-old man was found hanging from ceiling of his house in Gol village under the limits of Kolar police station on Saturday morning. The deceased has been identified as Rambabu Lodhi who worked as labourer.