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  • NATIONAL SPORTS DAY SPECIAL: Online games on the go

    Online gaming in India has witnessed a surge with the creation of multiple new games, gaming forums and so on. The sector, which historically did not gain a foothold in India due to the lack of access to gaming consoles and PCs, and the low social acceptance of this entertainment medium, is now splendored with newgames and consoles that garner attention among the online gaming community.

  • Different Methods of Disease Examination

    Due to an unsuitable diet and lifestyle, the tissues in the body get vitiated. Also due to some external factors, trauma, injuries and so on or due to bacterial and viral infections, the body may acquire a disorder (disease). In these cases, a clear four-path procedure brings the vitiated dhatus back to equilibrium, normalizes malfunctioning, and restores the body to order and health. The process that restores the normalcy is ‘Treatment’. Therefore

  • Hi-tech gadgets for fitness buffs

    From people who want to be serious about their fitness regime to the ones who want to just count calories and measure the amount of exercise they are doing can buy fitness band, use their Android or Apple smartphone to track the live data and take corrective actions to improve health

  • Welcoming Lord Ganesha with the scent of spirituality

    The sense of smell has a strong association with spirituality across cultures. As we welcome Lord Ganesha into our homes, Mallika Iyer shares how the Vighnaharta is also associated with this human sense

  • Shadow armies threatens secular, liberal democracy: Review

    The communalism of various kinds are on rise. And, so fringe groups. These fringe groups are active in various states or districts under different names. The names of these groups differ but there is some understanding or coordination between them and with a bigger organisation with which they share ideology. Such fringe groups help communalism to spread. It leads to tensions and divide society. Once it is polarised it helps in electoral

  • Intimacy Undone: Ethics, demeanor and protocols of family law- Review

    The book is a vivid narration of social institutions of family, marriage and divorce get enacted in policy making and courts of law. Though the book primarily engages with Hindu law and descriptions of pre dominantly middle to upper-class North Indian context, It also mentions other laws to discuss the larger issues of gender and politics.

  • Lone Fox Dancing: The writer on the hill – Review

    Usually when I finish reading a book for review, I wait a day before writing my piece, use another day to tweak and it’s done and ready to send off. This time, however, I’ve pulled every trick from my procrastinator hat and put off writing for almost two weeks. Finally I’m all out of excuses. I’ve written my notes, scratched them out, rewritten, deemed it rubbish and scratched that out as well.

  • Post Truth: Signs of our times – Review

    It’s an annual ritual for the Oxford Dictionaries. Every December, it announces a word of the year, one which signals “the ethos, mood, or preoccupations of that particular year.” In 2013, it was ‘selfie’, in 2014, ‘vape’ (vapour produced by an e-cigarette), and in 2015, ‘emoji’. Last year, the choice – quite appropriately – was ‘post-truth’, a term defined as “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping

  • Explained! Why we lose money in Mutual Fund

    We have always considered mutual funds to be the safest bet in investment gamble, but Kaushlendra Singh Sengar  says every venture has its own shortcomings, and we need to know them

  • 6.5cm rain in 60 minutes leaves Bhopal marooned

    Bhopal : After a long hiatus, torrential rain lashed the state capital, paralysing normal life for hours on Saturday evening. Nearly 6.5cm rainfall was recorded in just one hour in the city, even as the outskirts remained dry. Weatherman attributed the downpour to a localised system due to some moisture incursion. As such there is no weather system right now in Madhya Pradesh.

  • Siddhivinayak Trust gets five members from BJP

    According to understanding between BJP and Shiv Sena, Shirdi Sansthan will be under control of BJP. Developer from Navi Mumbai and RSS leader Suresh Haware has been appointed as chairman of the Shirdi trust, whereas Sena’s Bandekr to head of Siddhivinayak Trust.

  • Disqualification notice served to Ind corporator

    Mumbai : After the Bombay HC rejects the plea of Changez Multani, Independent Corporator from Jogeshwari (Ward 62), Civic Commissioner Ajoy Mehta served him a disqualification notice on Thursday.

  • CM teaches kids under Mil Banche prog

    BHOPAL : “Students who speak truth and respect elders gain reputation in life. If we want to become successful, we should follow the instructions of our teachers and parents,” said CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan while teaching students in the government secondary school on MANIT campus here, under the Mil Banche programme, on Saturday.