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  • ‘Seeing Sarita Joshi die even for shoot, not easy’

    Mumbai: Veteran actress Sarita Joshi dies in “Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot”, but the show’s producer J.D. Majethia says even though it’s just for a scene, it is difficult for him to see her die.

  • India gets its ‘Asli’ champion

    Mumbai: Kolkata’s Supa Parveen and Niraj Rao from Pune emerged winners of the first edition of “India’s Asli Champion…Hai Dum!” reality TV series.

  • Why do Buddhists celebrate Guru Purnima?

    Guru Purnima is celebrated to pay respect to spiritual and academic gurus and teachers. The day falls during the Hindu month of Ashadha (June-July) on the full moon day i.e. Purnima. Buddhists celebrate the day in honour of Lord Buddha who gave his first oration to five monks at Sarnath in Uttar Pradesh, about five weeks after his enlightenment. Lord Buddha attained liberation by subjecting himself to severe austerities for six years.

  • Inzamam slams critics over cash-award row

    Karachi : Former Pakistan skipper and current chairman of selection committee Inzamam ul Haq on Saturday slammed critics, who has questioned the decision of the government to award him 10 million rupees for country’s Champions Trophy triumph.

  • Lounge forward for a well-balanced life

    A well-balanced life is essential for personal effectiveness, peace of mind and living well. Gita Lounge is a unique space bringing the age-old tradition in the context of our current lifestyle, writes Vibha Singh

  • How to treat Kninkles

     Dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia enlightens us about the various ways in which knee wrinkles can be treated

  • Wear your pants, and flaunt them too!

    Men always want some advice on the latest trousers which are in trend. Sapna Sarfare finds them out for the guys

  • How to make cooking fun and easy

    Not everyone has the desire to be a master chef. So, for all those reluctant cooks out there Nikita Wadhawan finds out some fun, innovative and faster way of cooking your supper

  • Waiting for a Wonder Woman of our own

    It took Wonder Woman 76 years to get her own film. Why? And how long do we have to wait for a homegrown female superhero? Marilyn Gore wonders…

  • There’s help for the baby doctor 

    With scarcity of doctors increasing every year, Nikita Wadhawan finds a way for doctors to treat a patient effectively and quickly

  • The Guide To Chakra Dhyana

    Every chakra has a beeja or core mantra.
    The beeja mantra for Muladhara chakra is LANG or LAAM. It goes like this: llllaaannnggggggggg…
    The beeja mantra for Svadhishthana chakra is VANG or VAAM. It goes like this: vvvvaaannnngggg…
    The beeja mantra for Manipura chakra is RANG or RAAM. It goes like this: rrrraaannnggggg…
    The beeja mantra for Anahata is YANG. It goes like this: yyyaaaannnggg…
    The beeja mantra for Vishuddhi is HAANG or HAAM. It goes like this: hhhhaaaaannnngggg… 
    The beeja mantra for Anaya chakra is AUM. It is like AAAuuuuuuummmmmm…
    The beeja mantra for Shahastrahara chakra is Augum Satyam Aum.
    To remember the Beeja mantra, use the mnemonic L V R Y H O.

  • Three must-see heritage wonders near Bhopal

    Kalyani Majumdar retraces the past that has a timeline stretching from the prehistoric to the medieval period in India

  • Making travel exciting and pressure-free

    Poorva Tamhane takes you on a dreamy ride which can both ease the pressure of commutation and add to the excitement of travel