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  • Music in the times of terror

    With more and more concert venues being targeted by terrorists, Marilyn Gore looks at how music can keep us sane in a world that’s slowly going mad

  • How an awakened mind thinks

    An awakened mind, like a monarch, commands and becomes intrepid, capable of audacious decisions, writes Ravi Valluri

  • Late-night picks for Mumbai’s hungry souls

    Food is always around the corner for those looking for a hearty snack late at night when everything seems to be shut. After a round of dancing at the local club, most people head to different parts in the city, thanking their stars they have options in a bustling city like Mumbai. Boshika Gupta gives a list of places that serve delicious plates of food afterhours

  • Apps that help you with everything this monsoon

    During the monsoon season, one cannot stop himself from venturing out and enjoying the cool, wonderful weather. For all those who sit at home on a rainy day not knowing what to do, make sure this year is not all that boring. Cheer up, enjoy and fall in love with the most amazing season of the year. There are a lot many ways to make the most of a rainy day. With

  • The Classification of Disease & Examination

    Incurable disease: Diseases which are not easy to treat in spite of any mode of treatment are called incurable diseases. Such diseases have symptoms similar to manageable diseases and are tridosaja (emerge due to the aggravation of all three dosas). These diseases are not benefited by any type of treatment. They are widely diffused throughout the body and are very complicated, chronic and vicious in nature. The disease is said to be

  • Abandonment

    “Daddy, where are we going?” Shruti asked her father. She was sitting beside her father, who was driving the car.

  • Mallakhamb: Amazing facts about the age-old sport

    In celebration of the ancient sport, here’s a quick read on Mallakhambh which will give the readers a chance to remember and revisit the age old sport

  • Gift your child a secure future

    Investing for your child’s future is the best gift you can give to your child. But majority of parents not only underestimate the cost of raising a child, they don’t invest enough to secure the child’s future, says A. L. I. Chougule 

  • Here’s why men are dressing in camouflage again

    Men are seriously returning to the fun fashion trend of dressing in camouflage. Sapna Sarfare discovers more about this style which is creating waves

  • No instant results in spirituality 

    We are all living in a fast paced world where most things we practice run around the clock. Our everyday life is almost slotted and scheduled according to perfect time tables. The most precious possession today beyond money is ‘TIME’. Struggling to keep pace, we have all got accustomed to a unique concept called ‘Instants’.  From noodles to pizzas, from messaging to online results and deliveries, we want everything instantly.

  • Military Diet myths busted

    Dietician and nutritionist tell you the truth about this three-day diet

  • Revisiting Kalidasa

    Kalidasa Meghdutam: The Cloud Message