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  • Two China’s PLA choppers sighted in Indian airspace; IAF probing

    New Delhi: Two helicopters of the People’s Liberation Army of China hovered over Chamoli district in Uttarakhand yesterday, triggering concern in India’s security establishment about the PLA’s fourth such incursion into Indian airspace since March this year.

  • Ashok Saraf birthday special: The versatile genius turns 70

    Comedian, stage actor of Marathi and Hindi film industry Ashok Saraf turns 70 today. Saraf is popularly remembered as Anand Mathur from Hum Paanch. His comic timing in the serial was superb.

  • Meet the painter who is forever 21

    Gogi Saroj Pal is a living legend whose age (she is in her early 70s) belies her vivacity and her youthfulness. Gogi lives in South Delhi with her equally famous spouse, painter Ved Nayar. Gogi offers me some green tea as we sit down for a chat in her slightly crowded studio.

  • The Classification of Disease and Examination

    Health is order; disease is disorder. Within the body there is a constant interaction between order and disorder. In Ayurveda, the concept of health is fundamental to the understanding of disease, where’dis’ means “deprived of and ‘ease’ means “comfort.” Therefore, before discussing disease, we must understand the meaning of comfort or health. A state of health exists when: the digestive fire (agni) is in a balanced condition, the bodily humors (Vdta, Pitta

  • Which braid suits you best?

    Many want some easy to do braids for any occasion. Sapna Sarfare asks hairstylists regarding such braids to make your locks look extra superb

  • 5 As of the Human Mind

    Without a fleeting doubt, an individual who harbors a negative mindset or a ‘No’ mind hangs his coattails to a defragmented mind.  This leads us to the principle of the 5 As of the human mind- attraction, affection, attention, appreciation and association.writes Ravi Valluri 

  • Holidaying with kids? Then you must read this

    Vacation — oh that wonderful word that makes your problems take a backseat. But then you look at that backseat and there is a wailing child on it. Preeja Aravind finds what to do to prevent that and make it a memorable trip for all involved

  • The Roman-tic connection to Germany

    Uday k Chakraborty feels that Roman legacy adds an interesting twist to Germany’s landscapes

  • Why exercise is no more a routine

    Poorva Tamhane explores the idea of Cross fit or mixing of many training techniques to strengthen the body instead of just one scheduled gym

  • ISRO: A Personal History- Review

    Book: ISRO: A Personal History
    Author: R Aravamudan with Gita Aravamudan
    Publisher: Harper Collins
    Pages: 240
    Price: Rs. 399

  • This World Environment Day, get inspired by nature-friendly celebs

    Let’s face it. We hardly think about global warming, deforestation or depleting natural sources. The truth is we don’t give a damn about such issues unless we see a post on social media related to the apocalypse or arriving giant tsunami. We are happily breathing the toxic air, spending uncountable hours under radiation and munching on chemically processed food, all this has, unfortunately, worsen our ‘modern lifestyle’ at a greater extent. But among the