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  • Here are some financial apps for millennials

    If you’re part of the Millennial generation, you may be overwhelmed when it comes to thinking about your finances. With tons of investment jargon, acronyms, and advice it can be difficult knowing how to make the first step into the investment world. Just because you’re a newbie investor doesn’t mean you have to fear the stock market or procrastinate saving for retirement! Luckily, there are also loads of financial apps ready to

  • The secret to remain happy lies in…

    Happiness is a state of well-being, jollity, blitheness and primarily to be contented in life, writes Ravi Valluri

  • Cooler maker, grocery trader under CTD radar

    Indore : Even new financial year have just rolled out, but Commercial Tax Department have come in full action against tax dodgers. At end of the search action, two firms paid penalty of Rs 17 lakh.

  • food

    There’s a lot you can do with eggs

    Eggs are for all seasons. Sapna Sarfare finds ways to prepare offbeat egg dishes for any time of the year

  • Central Lab to host seminar today

    Indore : Central Lab and Association of Private Pathologist Practitioner of India are jointly orgaising a seminar on infertility, lab quality and blood diseases on Sunday. The seminar will be held here at Labh Mandapam, Abhay Prashal. According to information, Dr Rajendra Choubey from Malaysia, Dr Varsha Vadhera from Mumbai, Dr Arpana Jairam, Dr Subin Shetty, Central Lab director Dr Vineeta Kothari and others will be give lectures on the occasion.

  • Arunachal has many reasons to mesmerise you

    UDAY K CHAKRABORTY is mesmerised with the hypnotic mountainous roads and scenic surroundings of the hilly Indian state

  • City kids to dance in Bollywood movie

    Jojo Samal, Trishla Puri, Trisha Patel and Samridhh Paigwar are all ready to set the silver screen on fire

  • Ajay Singh extends solidarity to protesting lawyers

    BHOPAL : The leader of Opposition in the Vidhan Sabha Ajay Singh has expressed his solidarity with the lawyers who are agitating against the Advocates (Amendment) Bill, 2017 drafted by the Law Commission. He said he saw in the bill a conspiracy to erode the independence of judiciary.

  • How going digital has changed the Indian healthcare system

    Digital transformation in Indian healthcare system is acquiring significant space due to easy accessibility, efficiency and affordability to tackle the treatment mayhem faced by patients, reports TAPAPRIYA LAHIRI

  • Birthday Special: Why William Shakespeare remains relevant

    April 23 commemorates William Shakespeare’s birth and death anniversary. This year’s anniversary, Preeja Aravind looks at what makes Shakespeare such a beloved to Indians as an audience, as well as screen writers. Is it the drama or the language?