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  • A device called Speed Governor can reduce fatal accidents, say advisors

    Mumbai: A device called the Speed Governor to reduce flow of fuel was proposed on Thursday by member of the National Road Safety Council Kamal Soi. This initiative has been taken to tackle the concerns of road safety as a large number of people are killed by commercial vehicles.

  • Mumbai: Worker held at CSIA with fake tourist visa

    The immigration official smelt a rat when Singh told them that he was on going on a tour to Saudi. However, Singh’s dress code suggested that he was a labourer.

  • Sadhguru, Isha foundation, final stretch of your life, last step, peace of mind,

    Ambition can be a spiritual process

    The bane of the world today is just that human beings are working with limited individualistic ambition. Instead of working with ambition, if people work for a deeper vision of life for themselves and everything around them, you would never be in conflict with anybody else’s vision because fundamentally, all human beings are working for human wellbeing. It is just that the scale of how we handle human wellbeing may be different