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  • Facebook Live available to desktop users now

    Facebook users can now go live directly from their desktops using their webcams and also broadcast gameplay from their computers. According to a Facebook blog post, Facebook live on desktops was earlier available for pages only, but now the status update composer will feature a Live button also. Facebook also added a new feature that makes it easy to use streaming software or external hardware when going live from computer.

  • Pope Francis ‘deeply saddened’ by London attack

    Vatican City: Pope Francis was “deeply saddened” by the terror attack outside the British parliament and is praying for all those affected, the Holy See said today in a message of solidarity. The message came in a telegram sent by Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin to the head of the Roman Catholic church in Britain, the Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols. It said the pontiff had been “deeply saddened to learn

  • No move to end reservation for SCs, STs: Government

    New Delhi: The BJP-led central government rejected the charge that it was trying to end reservation for SCs and STs, as the Lok Sabha on Thursday passed the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Orders (Amendment) Bill, 2017, that seeks to modify the list of Scheduled Castes in Odisha. The Bill, introduced by Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Thaawar Chand Gehlot, also seeks to amend the Constitution (Pondicherry) Scheduled Castes Order, 1964 to change the

  • Chris Pratt goes gaga over his next film

    Actor Chris Pratt has gone gaga over his next superhero film “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” and said that it is better than 1941 classic “Citizen Kane”. He even joked that people will get pregnant after watching the film. Pratt shared his thought about the film over on social media, reports

  • Some ‘serious funny stuff’ is going on, says Arshad Warsi

    Actor Arshad Warsi, who is currently shooting for the fourth instalment of “Golmaal” franchise, says he is shooting for some really “serious funny stuff”. “It’s going to be a mad day today at work, with the entire cast of ‘Golmaal 4’ on set, doing some serious funny stuff,” Arshad tweeted.

  • Rewired brain boost other senses of blinds

    Boston: Brains of people who are born blind make new connections, resulting in a heightened sense of hearing, smell and touch as well as cognitive functions like memory and language, a new study has found.

  • Smartphone based fertility test for men

    Boston: Scientists have developed a new smartphone-based device to measure semen quality, an advance that may prove to be a boon in countries lacking access to fertility tests.

  • Heavy waist-to-hip ratio ups cancer risk in women

    Washington: For women, stay fit and maintain a healthy weight, as a study finds a higher waist-to-hip ratios increases the risk of ovarian cancer risk by more than a fifth. According to researchers at the World Cancer Research Fund discovered that even a slight increase in ratio of 0.1 can heighten the danger of uterine cancer by 21 percent.

  • Fatty acids in brain linked to Alzheimer

    London: The metabolism of omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids in the brain are associated with the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, a new study has found. Currently it is thought that the main reason for developing memory problems in dementia is the presence of two big molecules in the brain called tau and amyloid proteins, researchers said.

  • Soon, share your real-time location via Google Maps

    New Delhi: Google Maps announced a new real-time location sharing feature which will be available for both Android and iOS users. Users will be able to share their real-time location with anyone and the people they share with will be able to see the location on Android, iPhone, mobile web and desktop.

  • Extinct bird spotted after 100 years

    Melbourne: A group of four birdwatchers has spotted Australia’s most mysterious bird, the night parrot that was believed to be extinct and had not been sighted in over a century. Birdwatchers Adrian Boyle, Nigel Jackett, George Swann and Bruce Greatwich travelled to a habitat they identified by poring over detailed aerial maps, and camped out, listening for the calls of the largely nocturnal parrot.

  • New tree-climbing crab species found

    Beijing: Scientists have discovered a new species of tiny terrestrial crabs in Hong Kong that can climb trees. The new species named Haberma tingkok have been placed in a small genus, which contains merely three members.

  • Men! Hit the gym for better bone health

    New York: Engaging in weight-bearing exercises such as resistance training and various types of jumps can help men protect their bone health, suggests new research. One year of targeted exercise can decrease harmful sclerostin, a protein made in the bone, and increase IGF-1, a hormone associated with bone growth. These changes promote bone formation, increasing bone density, said the study published in the journal Bone.

  • Feared of robots? You may lose job

    People who are scared of new technology, artificial intelligence may become unemployed and face stress and mental health issues

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