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  • Panneerselvam faction announces candidate for RK Nagar by-poll

    Chennai: The rebel AIADMK faction, led by former chief minister O Panneerselvam, today announced the name of E Madusudanan as its candidate for the April 12 RK Nagar by-poll. “The Parliamentary Board has unanimously decided to field presidium chairman E Madusudanan for the RK Nagar by-poll,” Panneerselvam told reporters here.

  • EC rejects Mayawati’s charge, says EVMs fully tamper-proof

    New Delhi: The Election Commission today rejected as “baseless and wild” the charge of BSP supremo Mayawati that the electronic voting machines (EVMs) were tampered with and asserted these were “fully tamper-proof”. In a strongly-worded statement, the commission said, “Baseless, speculative and wild allegations are being made which deserve to be rejected.”

  • Akshay Kumar donates Rs 1.08 cr to families of Sukma attack martyrs

    New Delhi: He is not just a poster boy of patriotism, Akshay Kumar has actually always shown his deep respect for the Armed Forces. This time, continuing his support, he donated Rs 1.08 crore to the families of the Sukma attack martyrs. The Khiladi of Bollywod, who has done the maximum number of movies around patriotism, donated Rs 9 lakh each to the families of the 12 soldiers of the Central Reserve

  • Queen signs Brexit trigger bill into law

    London: Queen Elizabeth II today gave her Royal Assent to the Brexit trigger bill, empowering Prime Minister Theresa May to invoke Article 50 at any time to begin Britain’s exit talks from the European Union. Speaker John Bercow announced the historic milestone in the House of Commons, prompting cheers from ruling Conservative Party MPs.

  • Council approves all five draft bills for GST

    New Delhi: With the Goods and Service Tax (GST) Council on Thursday approving the remaining two draft bills — UTGST (Union Territory GST) and SGST (state GST), all the five enabling draft bills stand approved to enable a likely rollout of the new indirect tax regime by July 1.

  • Aniston becomes a mom again…for a film

    Actress Jennifer Aniston will play the role of a mother to a teenage girl in the upcoming independent teen comedy film “Dumplin”. The film will be directed by Anne Fletcher, reports The story of the film centres on a confident teen girl, named Dumplin by her former beauty queen mother (Aniston). The teen girl works at a local fast food joint. She meets a former jock whom she likes and he

  • Hugh Jackman wanted Wolverine to live

    Actor Hugh Jackman says he was initially unsure about the ending of “Logan”, as he believed it would have been more powerful if Wolverine survived. The 48-year-old actor makes his eighth and final appearance as the clawed mutant Wolverine in the recently released “X-Men” spin-off, and has said he wasn’t sure about the movie’s final scenes when he first read the script, reported Contactmusic.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow to get married again

    Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her boyfriend Brad Falchuk are reportedly gearing up to get hitched. Paltrow’s close friend revealed to Us weekly that the 46-year-old TV producer will propose the actress “soon”. “They speak about marriage all the time and know it’ll happen,” her pal said.

  • As Quantico ends, PC has ‘mixed emotions’

    Actress Priyanka Chopra, who is about to finish the shooting for American drama TV series “Quantico 2”, says she is going through “mixed emotions”. Priyanka, who essays the role of FBI agent Alex Parrish in the series, on Thursday tweeted: “Last two episodes before we finish shooting for the rest of ‘Quantico’ season 2! So many mixed emotions… It’s been a long haul.”

  • Bow Wows and Tail Wags At Dog A’Fair

    Every Dog has its day this saying will become reality for all the dog lovers. Dog A’Fair, the Fun Carnival for Dogs is coming to you on the weekend of 18th-19th March at the Seaside Pier, Radio Club, Bombay. The two-day fun carnival held each year since 2010 has established itself as a prestigious calendar event for the sheer fun and excitement it presents. Successfully brought to you by Dogs & More

  • Meera’s Longing For Krishna

    More than four fifths of Meerabai’s songs have the thread of VIRAHA woven through them. This condition as reflected in Bhakti yoga may be defined as – “ a state in which the devotee who has already undergone peak divine experiences finds himself at a loss, due to a feeling of separation from proximity to the divine. He thus experiences anguish due to discontentment and an intense longing for union.

  • Here’s how you can have stress-free exam time

    New Delhi: For many students, exam-time is that dreaded reality which has the ability to send them into complete and utter panic. Excessive anxiety can trigger or arise from a sense of insecurity. In a competitive environment, exam results can take on a scary image for students, where everything might seem to be pinned onto those grades – their future career path, self-worth and identity.

  • Statins may up diabetes risk in older women

    Brisbane: Older women, over 75, taking statins — cholesterol-lowering drugs — may be at 33 per cent increased risk of developing diabetes, according to study.

  • Failed IVF may up heart disease risk

    Toronto: Women who undergo fertility therapy, but do not get pregnant, may be at a higher risk of developing long-term cardiovascular disease, compared to women who become pregnant, a new study has found. According to researchers, the drugs used for the fertility treatments could be dangerously affecting the blood pressure levels as well as increase the risk of blood clots.

  • Fuits, veggies lowers risk of psychological stress in women

    Sydney: If you are a woman and want to cut out on stress, add 5-7 servings of fruit and vegetables daily to your plate, a new study has showed. This habit may lead to a 23 per cent reduction in the risk of developing psychological stress.

  • Say yes to ‘green’ vanilla

    Washington: Today, over 95 percent of vanilla flavouring used in foods, from cereal to ice cream, is not natural and the production of the synthetic one is taking a toll on the environment. The process of making it synthetically creates a stream of wastewater that requires treatment before it can be released into surface waters.

  • Space X’s communication satellite launched successfully

    Washington: SpaceX on Thursday launched the EchoStar 23 communications satellite after high winds delayed a previous attempt. The launch took place at the historic Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

  • Now the YouTube videos you watch can be tracked

    London: If you thought what you watch on YouTube is no one’s business, you could not be further detached from reality. Researchers have found that your online video viewing habits can be tracked. Gaps in YouTube’s encryption enable both government intelligence agencies, hackers and internet marketers to determine which videos a user is watching, said the researchers.

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