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  • RSS functionary announces bounty for Kerala CM’s head

    Ujjain/New Delhi: An RSS functionary today kicked up a row when he announced a Rs one crore bounty for beheading Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, but the Sangh fountainhead distanced itself from his remark.

  • Antibacterial found in soil may lead to new TB drug

    Melbourne: Scientists have discovered a new antibacterial compound found in soil that may pave the way for treatments against drug-resistant tuberculosis. Tuberculosis (TB) causes more deaths than any other infectious disease including HIV/AIDs, researchers said. In 2015 there were an estimated 10.4 million new cases of TB and 1.4 million deaths from the disease.

  • Instagram unveils full-screen ads in ‘Stories’ globally

    San Francisco: Popular photo-sharing app Instagram announced it will make available immersive, full-screen ads in its “Stories” feature for all businesses globally. In January, Instagram announced ads coming to ‘Stories’. Ads in ‘Stories’ help businesses use targeting and reach capabilities that make ads personally relevant to the people they want to reach.

  • Researchers measured black hole wind’s temperature through swings

    Washington: In a first, scientists have measured rapidly varying temperatures in hot gas emanating from around a black hole and found that the winds can heat up and cool down in the span of just a few hours. The findings, published in the journal Nature, could shed new light on how winds emanating from around a black hole can affect the environment of host galaxies.

  • In picture: Model-turn-nun Sofia Hayat got engaged

    Social media is going gaga over Sofia Hayat engagement, model-turned-nun Sofia got engaged to cosmic father. She knows how to be in news after a fail modelling career, a year ago she announced that she wants to be nun and she wants to sacrifice all her needs. She also said that she is not going to get marry nor she will have sex and children all her life will be diverted to

  • Shashank Vyas’s generous fans!

    Actor Shashank Vyas who is currently seen as Ravish in Jana Na Dil Se Door is one popular star known for his magnetic personality, great acting skills and the right attitude towards life. Recently, he was flooded with gifts from fans across the globe especially from the US and Bangladesh.

  • Free gifts made Samuel L Jackson attend Oscars

    Hollywood icon Samuel L Jackson has joked that he attended the Oscars only to get a goody basket. The 68-year-old actor explained that one of the biggest attractions of attending the ceremony was collecting the famed free gifts, but Jackson was frustrated to find they are no longer handed out to presenters. The “Pulp Fiction” star – who was among the presenters at the annual awards bash in Los Angeles – said,

  • Shruti Haasan is happy for sis Akshara

    Actress Shruti Haasan is happy for her sister Akshara, who has teamed up with Tamil superstar Ajith in upcoming Tamil action thriller “Vivegam”. Shruti, who considers Ajith to be a “gentleman”, had worked with him in 2015 Tamil blockbuster “Vedalam”.

  • People in power intrigue Big B

    Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who plays the role of a politician in “Sarkar” series, says he has always been fascinated by the life of people in power. “I was always intrigued by one aspect of life and that is the life of people who are always in power,” Bachchan said during the trailer launch of “Sarkar 3”.

  • Shahid Kapoor wants to do lighter roles

    The actor during an interaction on social media said he wants to take a break from serious characters and dark films

  • Magical computer that grows

    A computer that can use DNA rather than typical chip and expand and utilise its processors

  • Probiotic combo may curb seasonal allergy symptoms

    New York: Researchers have found that a probiotic combination might help reduce symptoms of seasonal allergies like hay fever. Hay fever may cause itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and other similar symptoms.

  • Why a sitting job is bad for your heart and waist

    London: Do you have a desk-bound job? Beware, you may be at a heightened risk of developing cardiovascular diseases by 0.2 per cent and an increase in waist circumference by two cm, for every additional hour of sitting on top of five hours, researchers warned.

  • Obese people binge on fatty foods due to their brain wiring

    Melbourne: The brains of obese people could be “wired” to seek out fatty foods, Australian scientists have found. Researchers from the Bio-Medicine Discovery Institute at Melbourne’s Monash University are investigating the messaging system between the brain and the body with hopes of discovering the neurological cause of obesity, Xinhua news agency reported.

  • African elephants are the world’s shortest sleeping mammals

    Johannesburg: African elephants in the wild sleep for just an average of two hours a day and regularly go nearly two days without snoozing, making them the shortest-sleeping land mammals known, a new study has found. African elephants are the largest land animal, and evidence suggests that larger mammals tend to sleep less.

  • The Big Ben theory

    London: Scientists have used lasers to analyse how the Big Ben – one of the largest bells in the UK – produces its harmonious  The “bong” of Big Ben is produced when its huge 200kg hammer hits the side of the bell, setting off vibrations in the metal and causing the entire bell to pulsate, researchers said.

  • AI system to predict and save people from committing suicide

    New York: Scientists have developed a new artificial intelligence tool that can predict whether someone will attempt suicide as far off as two years into the future with up to 80 per cent accuracy. Researchers including those from Florida State University in the US accessed a massive data repository containing the electronic health records of about two million patients.