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  • Bhopal: Senior BJP leader demands Sanjay Pathak’s resignation

    BHOPAL: A former minister and presently the coordinator of the Niti Shodh Vibhag of BJP, Ajay Vishoni has demanded the resignation of MSME minister Sanjay Pathak, whose name figured in the multi crore Katni money laundering scam.

  • Bhopal: Problems galore in going cashless

    BHOPAL: To reduce cash crunch after demonetisation, Prime Minister and the Central government encouraged people to opt for cashless transactions through virtual wallets and other digital modes of payments. But people using these modes claimed that they are facing lots of problems and inconvenience in the process while transacting through cashless modes.

  • Bhopal: Park in memory of martyr turns into den of outlaws

    BHOPAL: The ‘Shaheed Major Ajay Prasad Park’ in Gulmohar area, dedicated to memory of the martyr soldier, is in a highly pathetic condition. Major Ajay Prasad, the Mechanised Infantry officer gallantly laid down his life fighting Pakistani intruders in Avantipur sector of Kargil in the morning of May 19, 1999 Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) rechristened the park to pay respect the martyr. But unfortunately, park is not in good shape. Local residents

  • Bhopal: Four medical students held for harassing people

    BHOPAL: Residents of Sagar Premium Tower were so fed up of the medical students residing in the apartment that they had to call police to control the students. The incident took place on Saturday night when few students of LN Medical College parked their vehicle in the centre of the lawn and started playing loud music.

  • Bhopal: Four arrested in two jewellery theft cases

    BHOPAL: Crime branch arrested two burglars and two jewellers on Sunday in connection with two burglaries. First burglary was reported near Safia College, Shahjahanabad while second was reported from Chhola.

  • Bhopal: Respite from cold, temperature rises in city

    BHOPAL: There was relief from cold wave as temperature soared in most parts in the state on Sunday. However, cold still prevailed in some parts of the state even during the day.

  • A Lover boy of Bollywood Sidharth Malhotra turns 32

    A lover boy of Bollywood Sidharth Malhotra turns 32 today. Sidharth’s debut in Bollywood was in ‘Student Of The Year’ directed by Karan Johar in 2012. He received a Filmfare award for the best male debut.

  • Bhopal: Youth should dream big, achieve excellence in life

    BHOPAL: Gurudev Sudesh Shandilya of Karunadham Ashram addressed the youths in a motivational talk session held by Centre for Research and Industrial Staff Performance (CRISP) on Sunday.

  • Bhopal: Engineering student dies in road mishap

    BHOPAL: A student of an engineering college was killed and another sustained injuries in a road accident at Indus Square under Shahpura Police station on Sunday.  As per police sources, Savan Mandal, 23, was going with Abhishek on a bike. In the meantime, their bike collided with a car. Savan died on the spot after the severe accident. Abhishek has been admitted to Narmada Hospital. Both are the student of RKDF Engineering

  • Bhopal: Sartaj Singh reviews Narmada yatra preparation

    SEONI-MALWA: Former public work minister and MLA Sartaj Singh inspected preparations of Namami Devi Narmada yatra at Anwlighat, yatra will come at Seoni on 18 January, CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan will also attend yatra on evening time at Anwli ghat. The preparations are at peak, large number of girls and women will take out Kalash yatra, Bhajan sandhya and 20 minutes yoga will also be organised. Farmers have given 132 hectare land

  • Deter defiance of Apex Court on Jallikattu

    It is unfortunate that the bull-taming sport of Jallikattu is being played in Tamil Nadu despite the recent ban by the Supreme Court. Defiance of the highest court in the country is an unhealthy practice and must be eschewed scrupulously. If principal political parties connive in it as they are doing in Tamil Nadu as part of vote bank politics, it is an encouragement to lawlessness that needs to be nipped in the bud. 

  • Bhopal: Evening of Sufi ghazals at Uttaradhikar

    BHOPAL: City-based Nisbat Band presented some popular Sufi ghazals at Tribal Museum on Sunday which delighted the music lovers. The concert was part of the series programme ‘Uttaradhikar’ organised by Directorate of culture.

  • Pakistan n-missiles are no laughing matter

    The rising range and variety of Pakistan’s missile capability is a matter of deep concern not only to India but also the world at large.  Alarm bells have been triggered off even in Washington with the Shaheen-III missile tested in 2015 having a range of 2,750 km with Israel in its range, along with several European countries. That has indeed set the US strategic community thinking.

  • Bhopal: Shri Sai sewa family gives blankets to poor

    UMARIA: Shri Sai sewa family distributed warm clothes, blankets and Sai ki khichdi to poor and disabled in Sagreshwar dham on the occasion of new year and Makar Sankrati, hawan and bhajan was also organised. Head priest along with convener Amal Singh, Vandita Singh, Harsh Singh, Santosh Shrivastav, SK Khare, Vikas Vyas, Shashi Singh, Ayushi, Ashutosh Singh, Harshlata Gadhwal, Sohan Mali, VP Verma, Shailu, Vinay, Chotu, Golu, Ajay, Aarti, Pritam etc were

  • Bhopal: Jhirna mela fair begins at Jharna Kund

    NARSINGHPUR: Like every year, Jhirna mela starts on the occasion of Makar Sankranti at historical Jhirna Kund, the devotees takes bath in holy Jhirna Kund and does worship of lord Jagannath as well as ma Narmada, they also purchase various things from fair.

  • What to expect from Union Budget 2017-18

    THE budget will be presented against the backdrop of a moderation of CPI inflation rate (3.41 per cent in December 2016 as compared with 5.61 per cent in December 2015) and slackening of growth (7.1 per cent in 2016-17 as compared with 7.6 per cent in 2015-16).

  • Third year the real test for Narendra Modi

    The last two and half years have seen a marked reluctance on prime minister Modi’s part to drive home this parliamentary advantage. On the floor of the house, more time has been spent on explaining as to why he should not speak than the time he has spent speaking. Nowhere was the reluctance more forthcoming than in the non-debate on demonetisation, where his intervention could have easily silenced all criticism.