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  • 2,400-year-old tomb full of skeletons discovered in Iraq

    Boston: A 2,400-year-old tomb filled with skeletons – along with other artefacts including earrings and ceramic vessels – has been discovered in Iraq, scientists say. Among the artefacts found in the tomb, researchers found a bracelet decorated with images of two snake heads peering at each other, says PTI.

  • Learn why your elder son owns up fast

    New York: If you find that your elder son often confesses his wrongdoings even if he stands to face punishment, he is not alone. According to researchers, the elder kids are more likely to confess their misdeeds than their younger siblings, reports IANS.

  • Smartphone to spot sleep disorders while awake

    Tel Aviv: A team of Israeli researchers has developed a smartphone-based system to assess obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) severity while a patient is awake and analyse the sleep-wake activity. Currently, patients are diagnosed using polysomnography (PSG) to record brain waves, blood oxygen level, heart rate, breathing and eye and leg movements overnight, says IANS.

  • Indians suffering after ‘atrociously’ planned note ban: New York Times

    New York: The “atrociously planned and executed” currency ban and a subsequent cash crunch has made life increasingly difficult for Indians, the New York Times has said in its latest hard-hitting editorial criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s move to check black money and corruption.

  • moon

    Moon may have formed from collision of tiny ‘moonlets’

    Jerusalem: Small ‘moonlets’ may have collided to form the Moon as we see it today, according to a new study which contradicts the prevalent theory that our natural satellite resulted from a giant impact between a small Mars-like planet and the ancient Earth, according to PTI.

  • Indore: Jamiat Ulema organises de-addiction campaign

    Dewas: Jamiat Ulema organised a de-addiction campaign — Drug-Free India — under the guidance of its district president Rayis Mansoori at a protest site near Manduk Pushkar here on Sunday from 2 pm to 4pm.

  • Vote for Arvind Kejriwal as Punjab’s CM face, says Manish Sisodia

    Mohali (Punjab): Dropping a major bombshell ahead of Punjab polls, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday asked the people of the state to vote assuming they are voting for Arvind Kejriwal, in a possible indication that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief might be running for the Chief Ministerial post.

  • Ujjain: Poverty elimination and clothes distribution campaign held

    Ujjain: A poverty elimination and clothes distribution campaign was held at Shree Shani Kaleshwar Shanidham in the presence of Paramhans Dati Maharaj on Tuesday. Senior citizens and differently abled persons were distributed blankets on the occasion.

  • Ujjain: Labour court judges to get salary on par with district judges

    Ujjain: The State Cabinet, presided over by CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan on Monday approved a proposal to provide the revised salary structure 2015 to the judicial officers (judges and member judges) of labour court. In this regard, an application was submitted by senior member judge PK Trivedi, senior labour judge Subir Yadav, Seema Shrivastava and four other labour judges. Under the new structure, the labour judges of MP will get the pay

  • Ujjain: New policy for senior citizens soon says VG Dharmadhikari

    Ujjain: A meeting of Madhya Pradesh State Senior Citizens Commission was held on Tuesday. On this occasion chairman of the commission VG Dharmadhikari said the suggestions regarding policy for elderly people had been sent to the state government and it would make a new policy soon for senior citizens.

  • SP feud: EC to decide on Friday on who will get the Samajwadi party symbol

    New Delhi : Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav is on losing ground as he could not file any affidavits in his support as sought by the Election Commission. Instead, he insisted to be the party”s president and denied any split, refusing to recognise election of his chief minister son Akhilesh (43) as the new party president in a convention in Lucknow on January 1.

  • Sanjay Dutt and Maanyata closeness grows

    It’s heartening to see how close Sanjay Dutt and Maanyata have grown ever since his release from prison. Apart from news that the once-Deadly Dutt has quit drinking, the pair is practically inseparable! Now news comes in about Omung Kumar’s BHOOMI… Touted as Sanjay’s comeback film, Maanyata will be the one sounding the mahurat clap‎ in Agra at the end of this month.

  • Ujjain: Bag stolen from train couple lose cash, jewelleries, mobile phones

    Ujjain: A bag of a couple containing cash and jewelleries were stolen from train during their journey. The empty bag was found in another train near Khandwa. According to information, Ashok Kumar and his wife Manju, residents of Alakhadham Colony, lodged a complaint after they found their bag missing. The bag reportedly had Rs 35, 000 in cash, jewelleries and mobiles worth Rs 60, 000 in it. The incident happened on Jabalpur-Indore