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  • Bhopal hoteliers undecided on service charge fiat

    BHOPAL  : City hoteliers are still undecided on union government’s service charge fiat. They say that they will take a call on the issue only after they receive formal orders.

  • Bhopal: Finance dept blocking implementation of schemes says Minister

    BHOPAL : Minister for sports and youth welfare Yashodhara Raje Scindia, in a meeting convened by the chief minister here on Tuesday to fix priorities for the New Year, charged that the finance department was putting obstacles in the way of implementation of the schemes of her department. She said though budget has been allocated but the department is not being permitted to spend it.

  • Mumbai: Sub-committee to decide on domicile period for hawkers

    Mumbai: The State Cabinet has decided to set up a cabinet sub-committee to take a final decision over mandatory period of domicile required for hawkers in Maharashtra. The names of the sub-committee members are yet to be finalised.

  • Arunachal politics a game of musical chairs

    In these times when defection of less than one-third of the legislators of a party stands outlawed under the Anti-Defection Act, mass defections to circumvent that law are not taboo in Arunachal Pradesh. In September last, 43 of the 44 MLAs of the Congress had crossed over to the People’s Party of Arunachal (PPA) leading to the formation of a PPA government. Now, in another en masse defection, 33 of the 43 PPA legislators

  • Bengaluru police failed to curb rowdies in time

    It is unfortunate indeed that Bengaluru, which was an oasis of tranquillity and of well-managed law and order in yesteryears, is now invariably in the news for the wrong reasons especially on occasions like New Year’s eve and Christmas eve. Year after year women are molested and drunken elements hover around pubs, restaurants and clubs harassing them unabashedly. The incident on New Year’s eve this time in the heart of Bengaluru was no different.

  • Will Italy be next to quit Euro-zone?

    The third largest economy in EU is on its economic knees. Plagued with anaemic growth, unemployment, corruption and frightening crisis in the banking industry, its economy is in frail state. In 2015, Italy’s GDP growth was 0.8 per cent; it is expected to only rise, according to Bank of Italy, to 1.1 per cent this year. Nominal GDP is around 25 per cent below trend. The debt to GDP is an intolerable 132 per

  • The demon in demonetisation

    The entire burden of the 2017 assembly elections has been placed on the PM’s Atlas-like shoulders. Is that fair? Should he be expected to stake his prestige on state elections, which are fought on local issues? The PM is not averse to leading from the front. We get that.

  • Mumbai: Schools commemorate Savitribai Phule’s 186th birthday

    Mumbai: India’s revolutionary woman Savitribai Phule was born on January 3, 1831. Google paid a fine tribute to the late Savitribai with its Doodle depicting her as a protector of women’s rights and pioneer in girls’ education on her 186th birthday. In fact some of the city’s schools chose interesting ways to mark this event too.

  • 2008 malegaon blast case, NIA, National Investigation Agency , framing charges, hindu right wing

    Malegaon blast: Families of accused want ATS investigated

    Mumbai: Families of the alleged two the ‘absconding’ accused in the 2008 Malegaon bomb blast case have sought a fair probe a few days after the sensational disclosure by the suspended Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) officer Mehmood Mujjawar, that they died in police custody.

  • Indore Municipal Corporation to embarrass residents found littering in open

    Indore: Now, people found dumping garbage in open in the city will not be able to get away with merely paying fine. But they would also have to face embarrassment in public with their names being announced from mikes fitted in vehicles tasked with lifting garbage door-to-door. Plus, their names would be uploaded on the official website of Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC). Mayor Malini Gaud said that some people do not learn until they are

  • Bombay HC asks Centre to decide on sealing of health products

    Mumbai: The Bombay High Court has directed the Centre to treat a petition seeking mandatory sealing of health care products and consumer durables as if it was a representation made to it and take appropriate decision expeditiously, preferably within six months.

  • Shiv Sena questions Centre’s will to act against Pakistan

    Mumbai: Taking on the Centre against the backdrop of assumption of charge by General Bipin Rawat as the new Army chief, the Shiv Sena today asked the government if there is a political will to teach Pakistan a lesson.

  • Indore: NTPC Korba starts wagon overhauling in-house, saves cost

    Indore: As a new beginning in the New Year, NTPC Korba team has successfully completed overhauling of 20 wagons. In a ceremony held at MGR Workshop here on Monday, GGM Korba Prakash Tiwari dedicated six wagons for supply of coal through MGR. It is to be stated here that overhauling of these wagons have been done in-house, resulting in lesser cost per wagon and ensuring better quality of service as compared to general practice of

  • Women of Substance – Uplifting girls through vocational training in Indore

    Indore: Turning the situation favourable with hard work, 38-year-old vocational trainer Bindia Sharma found a new way to succeed by helping girls in government schools in nearby villages. She is an inspiration for youngsters, who are working on their start-ups.

  • Indore: 3 of Barfani Convent School buses seized

    Indore: Using school students as shield to avoid the Regional Transport Department’s action for plying buses without permit couldn’t help the administration of Barfani Convent School as the officials seized three buses on Tuesday morning. The school administration also tried to stage a blockade with the help students but the RTO officials, with the help of district administration acted against the school vehicles.

  • Fake currency racket busted

    Rs 2,000 fake currency notes of over Rs 8 lakh recovered