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  • IPOs stay above issue price, 70% new companies yield good returns

    New Delhi : The primary market has emerged as the ‘cash cow’ for investors in 2016, amid high volatility in the secondary market, as 70 per cent of new entrants are trading well above their issue price, giving investors returns of up to two times.

  • Zebronics launches new multimedia speaker

    Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd, famously known for its IT Peripherals and also a fast emerging brand in Audio and video products has added yet another product to its portfolio in the audio segment. Given the demand for audio products – Bluetooth speakers, tower speakers and home theatre systems from consumers, brand Zebronics has been on a launching spree, with a slew of new products launched every month.

  • Blast your favourite tunes with Monster Pro X15 Tower speakers

    Sporting the bold old School design, the speaker inspires a retro vibe in the ambiance that will leave a paramount impression on everyone that beholds the masterpiece. Pump up the atmosphere with club like speaker illuminations on the LED Display. Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd, bring another ingenious addition to its advancing range of Tower speakers, this time unveiling its latest addition, the ‘Monster Pro X15 Tower speakers’.

  • Up your style quotient with Portronics’ “Dome”

    Portronics, a prominent leader in the innovative and portable digital products market, has launched a stunning and powerful dome shaped Bluetooth speaker, “DOME”. Dome’s striking design adds greatly to the style quotient of your desk or living room. A nicely embroidered cotton cloth mesh texture on a solid dome-shaped speaker body gives a very unique and elegant look to the speaker.

  • Career Guide – Counsel queries

    Confusion after plus two in science

    I am in FYJC science, and I am in an utter state of confusion, as to which field to choose after my class 12 exams. On one hand, I like the field of architecture, the creativity and options involved. On the other, I am also interested in microbiology as a field, since I know I will be good at it, and it would be easy

  • AXILSPOT rolls out enterprise wireless networking gears

    AXILSPOT, a global leader in enterprise WLAN solutions has flagged off its operations in the country’s enterprise wireless segment by launching Rscan range of products in the national capital, New Delhi. Rscan is a patented technology which provides ultra high-speed, stable and large capacity Wi-Fi access. The multi-beam smart-selection antenna array system (Rscan) is AXILSPOT original patented technology registered all over the globe.

  • Swiss Made introduces new D’SIGNER collection

    From the production of the micro-components in movements to the construction of case parts, the synergy that exists in our Swiss Made design has allowed for such a breakthrough creation of the entire range with the Metallurgy and Materials laboratory working closely with the Research & Development department of Ronda, in the heart of Lausen, Switzerland, the possibilities for innovation are only limited by how far one’s imagination can go. The entire