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  • Prepared for a two-front war but want peace: Army chief

    New Delhi: Army chief General Bipin Rawat today said his force is prepared for a two-front war involving Pakistan and China simultaneously but emphasised on the need to look at cooperation and not confrontation with Beijing.

  • Obama to deliver farewell address in Chicago on Jan 10

    Washington: US President Barack Obama today said he will deliver his farewell address to the nation on January 10 from his home city of Chicago, thanking the American people for the “amazing journey” he had during the last eight years.

  • Hollywood sign vandalized, reads “Hollyweed” now

    The famous Hollywood sign was vandalized early new year morning to read “Hollyweed”, says PTI. In an apparent New Year’s prank, a person climbed up the Mount Lee, in the Hollywood Hills area of the Santa Monica Mountains and used tarps to change the O’s in the iconic sign to E’s, according to Hollywood Reporter.

  • Guess who taught Nicole Kidman Gully cricket

    Hollywood actor Nicole Kidman gave cricket a shot while shooting for her upcoming film Lion in India. While the actress effortlessly bowls over fans and audiences with her on-screen and red-carpet appearances, cricket, we hear, was a different ball game altogether. Kidman, who worked extensively with 6-year-old actor Sunny Pawar, bonded with cricket with the first-time actor, who didn’t speak English.

  • Makers of Haraamkhor get threat mails

    Looks like the moral policing is at work already. Recently the film Haraamkhor won a landmark case when they were cleared with an UA certificate by the FCAT.

  • Hi-tech home appliances could help crack murder mysteries

    London: Fridges, coffee makers, washing machines and lightbulbs could soon become vital witnesses in murder plots, according to a top Scotland Yard official, says PTI. The “internet of things” – in which everyday devices have network connections – will create a new kind of crime-scene investigation, said Mark Stokes, Scotland Yard’s head of digital forensics.

  • Shakespeare’s Hamlet was dated wrongly: study

    Washington: William Shakespeare’s popular play Hamlet was dated wrongly, causing scholars to overlook a message that has hidden in plain sight for centuries, new research has claimed. Until recently, academics believed that Shakespeare wrote Hamlet in early 1601, when Elizabeth I was still on the throne after more than 42 years, reports PTI.

  • New insight on wind energy

    New Delhi: The amount of energy generated by renewable fluctuates depending on the natural variability of resources at any given time. The sun isn’t always shining, nor is the wind always blowing, so traditional power plants must be kept running, ready to fill the energy gap at a moment’s notice.

  • Demonetisation put India back by 30 years: Congress

    Panaji: Demonetisation has sent India 30 years back in time, the Goa unit of the Congress said and claimed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech on New Year’s Eve was a damp squid.

  • Now, data-driven method to detect alien planets

    Washington: Yale researchers have found a new data-driven method to detect distant planets and refine the search for worlds similar to the Earth. The new approach relies on mathematical methods that have their foundations in physics research, according to PTI.

  • Rare comet will be visible from Earth for first time

    Washington: A rare comet discovered by NASA scientists will be visible using just binoculars to skywatchers on Earth this week for the first time, before the object heads back into outer reaches of the solar system for an orbit lasting thousands of years, reports PTI.

  • WhatsApp block about to happen on older phones

    New York: As an earlier statement said WhatsApp will stop working on certain phones by the end of 2016, many users of older versions of iPhones and Android handsets are about to find themselves cut off from using the chat app, media has reported, according to IANS.

  • Istanbul police detain 8 suspects over nightclub attack

    Istanbul: Istanbul anti-terror police today detained eight people suspected of links to the New Year gun attack on a nightclub in the Turkish city that left 39 dead and was claimed by Islamic State (IS) jihadists, a report said.