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  • Supreme Court relief to BSP supremo Mayawati

    New Delhi: In a relief to BSP supremo Mayawati, the Supreme Court today refused to interfere with the Allahabad High Court decision declining to go into the allegation against her that she made a statement to woo votes on caste and religious lines.

  • Mita Vashisht to play a mystical character

    Actress Mita Vashisht has joined the cast of forthcoming TV show “Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai”. Mita will play a mystical character with supernatural powers. There will also be a mysterious element attached to her role. “Playing the character of a mystic, a woman of the desert, a woman of mystery is a challenge.

  • Shaleen Bhanot is Maharaja Ranjit Singh

    Actor Shaleen Bhanot, who was last seen as Duryodhan in mythological show Suryaputra Karn, has signed a new series which is reportedly titled Sher-E-Punjab: Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

  • Shah-Rukh Khan, the magician!

    This star is clearly keen to extend his boundaries as an actor… If he’s playing a dwarf in Aanand L Rai’s film, Shah Rukh Khan will reportedly essay the role of a magician in Salman Khan’s Tubelight. The rumour had gained momentum after an official from Salman Khan Productions had tweeted about Shah Rukh creating some magic on the sets.

  • David, Victoria Beckham renew wedding vows

    Former football star David Beckham and his wife Victoria have renewed their wedding vows after nearly 18 years of marriage. Beckham, 41, who tied the knot with the 42-year-old fashion designer on July 4, 1999, has revealed that the vows were taken in front of six people at their place.

  • Popping balloons can make you deaf

    Toronto: If you thought bursting balloons at a birthday party is plain fun, think again! Researchers have found that popping balloons can be louder than shotgun blasts – and can lead to permanent hearing loss. “We are not saying don’t play with balloons and don’t have fun, just try to guard against popping them. Hearing loss is insidious – every loud noise that occurs has a potential lifelong impact,” said one of

  • Most extreme galaxy spotted by NASA

    Washington: NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray space telescope has identified the farthest gamma-ray blazars, a type of galaxy whose intense emissions are powered by super-sized black holes.”Despite their youth, these far-flung blazars host some of the most massive black holes known,” said Roopesh Ojha, an astronomer at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

  • Japanese ‘space junk’ in trouble

    Tokyo: An experimental ‘space junk’ collector designed to pull rubbish from the Earth’s orbit has run into trouble, Japanese scientists said today, potentially a new embarrassment for Tokyo’s high-tech programme.

  • Living on high altitude curbs diabetes risk

    London: A major risk factor for development of heart diseases, strokes and diabetes is lower in people who live at higher altitudes, says a new study that suggests that something as simple as the geographic area in which you live contribute to your risk of developing these diseases.

  • You may overcome fear of death by wearing VR

    London: Using virtual reality (VR) devices to create an illusion of out-of-body experience may help people get over the fear of death, a new study has claimed. A Near-Death Experience (NDE) is an altered state of consciousness that can occur during clinical death – typically following cardiac arrest.

  • Physically active kids are less depressed

    New Delhi: Previous studies have shown that adults and young people who are physically active have a lower risk of developing depression. But the same effect has not been studied in children – until now. Results from a new study are showing that children receive the same beneficial effect from being active. We’re talking about moderate to vigorous physical activity that leaves kids sweaty or out of breath.

  • More than 100 World heritage sites damaged due to Humans activities

    Sydney: Most of the over 100 natural World Heritage sites that are being severely damaged by expanding human infrastructure and land use are in Asia, a new study has warned. India’s Manas Wildlife Sanctuary and Nepal’s Chitwan National Park are among the most impacted Natural World Heritage Sites (NWHS), the study, published in the journal Biological Conservation, identified.

  • Smart watches will soon verify your signatures

    Jerusalem: Scientists have developed a novel software that enables smartwatches, currently worn by one in six people around the world, to verify handwritten signatures. “A popular device worn by so many people should feature additional, critically useful functions,” said Erez Shmueli from Tel Aviv University (TAU) in Israel, adding that 373 million of these devices will be in use by 2020.