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  • Flashback 2017: A quick recap of the year that was

    It is again that time of the year, when no matter how big or small you are, you want to reflect over the past year and think about things that went right and things that went wrong. Remember the rights and hope to keep repeating them in the year to come and to take the wrongs in the stride, evaluate them and make better decisions.
    The previous year was full of ups and downs like

  • Cricket’s Lost Talents! Joginder Sharma: How that one over became lasting image for this cricketer

    Cricket is a very fickle game and everything is based on statistics and hard data. Sachin Tendulkar broke every record and played the game at the highest level for 24 years to achieve that. There are many players who have played the game for decades and can’t win any silverware and there are players who become world champions by playing very little and that is the beauty of this wonderful game. Once

  • The art of letting go to relish the life to the fullest

    Our desires are never ending, and we keep chasing them till the end. Sometimes these challenging inclinations worsen the situations, RAVI VALLURI suggests to release and relish life to the fullest

  • Bollywood celebrities talk about lessons learnt in 2017, and hope for a better 2018

    Every year brings with it, its own set of challenges and difficulties which when overcome, can be a great learning for all of us. As we prepare to turn over our calendar, get ready to celebrate the New Year and welcome 2018 with a bang, NIKITA WADHAWAN talks to some Bollywood celebrities about what important lessons life taught them in 2017 and how do they envision the coming year?

  • Mental Health: How to find the right therapist for you

    Imagine if you’re asked to go to the super market to pick out the best jar of peanut butter. To make sure you’re getting the best, you’ll first look at the brand, then you’ll choose between the various types of peanut butter by that brand, you’ll check out the expiry and finally you’ll look at the nutritional information – all for the best jar of peanut butter. Now, if you’re asked to pick out a therapist,

  • Winter Season: Tips to protect chapped lips

    During the cold winter season, there are various skin problems which emerge like dry cracked lips and skin. Besides drinking water it is important to use coconut and argan oil-based products like lip balms, scrubs, lipsticks with the natural oils as its base to save your lips from chapping, suggest experts.

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    Tech up your New Year Eve party!

    Year 2018 is about to begin and it’s time to bring in the merriment! Your New Year party invitations would have already started pouring in, so, why not plan one on your own? And, like a true techie, get the digital world of today to be your best friend. While you can go with the traditional themes for your rager, having technology by your side always helps to add that extra bit

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