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  • I should be back to my best by January end: Saina

    New Delhi : Satisfied with her performance after coming back from an injury, shuttler Saina Nehwal’s focus would be on her fitness ahead of the new season as she hoped to be back to her best by end of next month.

  • Manipulating brain activity can help boost confidence

    Tokyo : Scientists have discovered a way to boost confidence in people by combining the use of artificial intelligence and brain imaging technology, an advance that may have important applications in clinical, medical and social settings, according to PTI.

  • Talk therapy can treat social phobia effectively

    London : In a finding that could put an end to the use of medication in the treatment of social anxiety disorder, researchers have shown that structured talk therapy or cognitive alone has the potential to cure social phobia, reports IANS. In treating patients with social anxiety disorder, cognitive therapy on its own has a much better effect over the long term than just drugs or a combination of the two, said the

  • Indian scientists create electricity from water sans energy, chemical

    New Delhi: Soon, a device that runs on a few drops of water could revolutionise the way electricity is generated, thanks to a team of scientists at Delhi’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL). Researchers have developed a novel way of producing electricity from water at room temperature without using any power or chemicals. The device named, Hydroelectric Cell, generates electricity using nothing except a few drops of water, reports ANI.

  • HIV treatment may take a toll on the brain: Study

    New York : Antiretroviral drugs have been life-changing therapies for HIV patients, but they can have significant side effects including neuronal degeneration, which can be manifested as forgetfulness, confusion and behavioural and motor changes, says IANS.

  • Internet surfing in schools not good

    New Delhi : A new buzz word in schools is to encourage students to learn Internet at an early age. However, here comes a warning: Surfing the Internet in class is now linked to poorer test scores, even among the most intelligent and motivated of students.

  • Daily sauna can reduce dementia risk

    London : The sense of well-being and relaxation experienced during sauna bathing can help reduce risk of dementia, new research suggests.

  • How COPD patients’ lungs lose ability to heal found

    Berlin : Scientists have decoded how the lungs of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients lose the ability to repair damages on their own. Researchers at the Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen in Germany found that the molecule Wnt5a may be to blame for this problem, according to PTI.

  • Strong winds crash-landed Facebook’s internet drone

    New York : Facebook’s solar-powered plane Aquila, designed to beam internet to remote parts of the world, crash-landed earlier this year because of strong winds that rendered its autopilot system confused, reports IANS.

  • Your Day By Nilikash P. Pradhan

    Aries:- You will find hurdles in your projects and you need to discuss some issues with experienced person to resolve it quickly. Court  matters may take up lot of your important time today. Speculative activity will turn into losses so avoid it for today.