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  • GST can be rolled out anytime between April and Sept 16: FM

    New Delhi : Amid signs of slippage of the April 1 GST rollout target, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Saturday said pending resolution of “turf” issues, GST is a transactional levy that unlike income tax can be implemented anytime during the year.

  • Get over beaches, art takes centre-stage in Goa

    Panaji : Think of Goa and what instantly comes to mind are exotic beaches that draw tourists from around the globe but the premier edition of a multi-disciplinary arts festival has provided a perfect blend of theatre, music, craft and visual arts alongside an opportunity to interact with industry stalwarts and leading art connoisseurs in this sunny city.

  • Pope Francis turns 80, looks to ‘joyous’ old age

    Rome : Pope Francis voiced hope for a “fruitful and joyous” old age at a mass for his 80th birthday on Saturday, as he received messages of congratulations from around the world, says AP report.

  • What to do on Christmas in Mumbai

    Sonali Pimputkar gives a delicious start to Christmas with gluten free treats, traditional sweets and much more…

  • DIY Christmas decorations that you must try

    Lo and behold some fascinating and easy to make DIY ideas for this Christmas season brought to you by Khushnuma Jabulee

  • E-plan your wedding

    Tech to turn your wedding planning woes into wins

  • Young Indian achievers you should know about

    Starting out new ventures entails a path ahead that is unknown and bound to be risky. Farhana Madar speaks to young risk-takers who have achieved success by following their passion

  • How to style your shirt over lehenga

    Wearing a shirt over lehenga as a blouse is the latest trend to hit the Indian fashion scene. Sapna Sarfare finds out more about this interesting style

  • Omerta, silence and everything you need to know about it

    Omerta is an enforced, an imposed silence, born of fear. Whereas in true silence, the hush and shush are voluntary. The seeker attempts to silence the mind to delve into the depths of peace, writes Ravi Valluri.

  • Bollywood movies: Ending on a high note!

    How often have you gone to the theatre and come out feeling incomplete? As if something didn’t fit, like all the hoopla ended in a damp squib… Hoping it could have ended differently… And yet, there are many times you might have come out thinking, ‘Wow, I didn’t expect that!’ Since we are all about counting our blessings, this December, let’s go with the goodies the movies had in store for us… We aren’t

  • Ranver Singh is Born to be wild

    After struggling for three years, this struggler found a way and he made sure he evolved it into a highway. Who does he credit for his success and the happy state in life? Without much thinking, he says, “My parents. I was educated, not earning any money, the recession was on, not many films were being made and certainly none with new faces. That’s the time I chose to try to get a break

  • We feel Rajinikanth’s voice not fit for my face in Dangal in Tamil, says Aamir Khan

    Amid reports that Rajinikanth turned down his request to dub for the Tamil version of upcoming film “Dangal”, actor Aamir Khan today said they felt the southern megastar’s voice didn’t suit his character. As per reports, Aamir had screened the film for Rajinikanth and also requested him to dub for his character for the Tamil version, which was turned down politely by Rajinikanth, say PTI.

  • PM must get 50 days: Amar Singh

    BHOPAL : The Samajwadi Party may be opposing demonetisation but its MP Amar Singh maintains that if Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sought 50 days’ time, then he should be given that.