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  • Ensuring disaster resilience in urban area the key: Venkaiah Naidu

    New Delhi: Stressing that delivery and execution are the crucial for success of urban development, union minister M. Venkaiah Naidu said on Wednesday that urbanisation has become irreversible and ensuring disaster resilience in urban area is the key.

  • Demonetisation has hit farmers hard: Rahul Gandhi

    New Delhi: Hours after launching a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today accused him of hitting the farmers hard by the demonetisation move and questioning their honesty.

  • Make national plan to protect children from drugs: Supreme Court to Centre

    New Delhi: The Supreme Court today directed the Centre to complete a national survey and generate a data base within six months about the drug abuse by children saying “protecting children from wide-spread prevalence of substance abuse is one of the biggest policy challenges facing India”.

  • Tea garden workers dying due to demonetisation: Mamata

    Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday alleged that tea garden workers were “dying” in the aftermath of demonetisation and demanded the RBI restore and continue payments by the state government till March 2017.

  • What’s it that they are not telling?

    Raees has all eyeballs fixed upon it. Everyone is talking about the film and everyone is waiting to all there is to it, however there is something that doesn’t quite add up, when it comes to the music front of the film.

  • Sayyeshaa Saigal wants parents to start early

    For someone who started training in dance from a very young age, it is not a surprise that Sayyeshaa Saigal is of the belief that no one is too young for anything. Be it learning a form of art or knowing right from wrong.

  • The reasons are getting murkier

    Everyone knows that Sana Khan, the lead actress in Vishal Pandya’s Wajah Tum Ho, owes her career to the director. Their ‘friendship’ has been said to have turned tables for her in many ways. However it looks like their friendship is becoming a little uncomforting for her costars in the film.

  • Arjun Kapoor is kissing and telling…

    Okay so he almost tried to be diplomatic, with Neha Dhupia but he did let on that Alia Bhatt was a pleasant surprise when they got together for 2 States.

  • Sushant Singh Rajput gets naughty!

    Is he or is he not dating Kriti Sanon? Some reports claim there is a lot happening between the gorgeous twosomes, some say there is no truth to it. Some say they have witnessed the hunk smothering the beauty with kisses whenever they think no one’s’ seeing, some say they don’t care about hiding at all… whatever it is, Sushant is not saying, neither is Kirti but apparently the two are having

  • “I’ve had too much of DJ Waley Babbu”,says Badshah

    Popular music video DJ Waley Babu recently crossed 100 million views on YouTube. But rapper Badshah, who made the song, has apparently had enough of it. In a candid conversation, with Rohit Pramar, the famous rapper speaks about music, battling depression, his upcoming reality show and more…

  • First boron detection on Mars points to habitability

    Washington:  NASA’s Curiosity rover has detected boron for the first time on the surface of Mars, which indicates that the groundwater may have possibly been suitable for hosting microbial life in the ancient past, reports PTI.

  • Proof of alien existence on Red Planet?

    Washington: Three tall “towers” standing in a perfect straight line on our neighbouring planet Mars in a recent image are claimed by some UFO and alien enthusiasts as clear evidence that highly intelligent beings exist there, says IANS.

  • Mystery solved behind missing penis bone

    Washington: Ever wondered, why unlike most mammals, men have no bones in their penis? According to ANI, the mystery of lost baculum (penis bone) in the human lineage tends to be monogamous — where you are married to, or in a sexual relationship with, one person at a time.

  • Quake-detecting mobile app captures nearly 400 temblors

    New York: An earthquake detecting mobile application released by the University of California at Berkeley earlier this year has so far captured 400 temblors worldwide, says IANS. The Android app, named MyShake, harnesses a smartphone’s motion detectors to measure earthquake ground motion, then sends that data back to the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory for analysis.

  • Shape of bird’s wing determines where it lives study

    London: Bird’s wings generally become shorter and more rounded the closer they live to the equator, according to a new study that may help us better understand how life on Earth has developed, according to PTI.

  • Honeycomb-like structure to trap dangerous gases

    Houston: Researchers have developed a novel method that can trap potentially harmful gases emitted by coal factories, cars and trucks within honeycomb-like microscopic organo-metallic structures, according to PTI.

  • Negative self-image linked to alcohol use in teenage girls

    New York: High school girls who harbour negative self-image – those who try to lose, maintain or gain weight when there is no medical need to do so – are more likely to try alcohol and drink heavily, says IANS.

  • Smartphone app to help factory workers stay safe, healthy

    New York: Researchers at the University of Wisconsin – Madison in the US are developing a smart phone app that can help reduce risk of injuries in factory workers due to the strain of repetitive motion required to perform their work, reports IANS.

  • 2,500-year-old city discovered in Greece

    London: Scientists have discovered the remains of a 2,500-year-old city in Greece – a finding that can change our understanding of the area traditionally considered to be a backwater of the ancient world, according to PTI. Archaeologists from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden have begun exploring a previously unknown ancient city at a village called Vlachos, five hours north of Athens.