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  • Technician arrested for 9 minute scene leak of Bahubali 2

    Bahubali 2 or Bahubali: The Conclusion is the much awaited movie, its 9 minute scene from the movie was leaked on internet few days ago and was viral like blazing fire but after the leak all the urls were blocked.

  • Ratan Tata tried to sell TCS to IBM: Cyrus Mistry

    Mumbai: Hitting back at Tatas, ousted Chairman Cyrus Mistry today rejected charges of not contributing anything to the group’s cash-cows TCS and JLR and alleged that patriarch Ratan Tata once tried to sell the IT firm to IBM and his “ego” led to bad business decisions like Corus acquisition at double the original cost.

  • The slow and steady Kunal Roy Kapur

    When it comes to the three brothers, Kunal Roy Kapur is certainly one of the quietest of them all. He keeps within his own circle and hardly ever makes a noise.

  • Alia Bhatt slams body shamers

    For someone who has been a chubby school girl ones, weight related discussions always get her ears perked up. While no matter what age the girls are today, everyone is trying hard to shape up and fit into clothes that will make them look good, but these unrealistic expectations without thinking about body type is making Alia worried.

  • Sonam Kapoor: The clothes addict

    If there is something that poor the haute and happening Sonam Kapoor is a good mood is a gift, and if it happens to be something that she could wear, she will love you even more.

  • Boman Irani’s best buddy!

    There are many things about Boman Irani, that surprise people. Despite being someone who is loved by all, his friends in the industry are rather few.

  • Tiger Shroff, Nawazuddin Siddiqui combo sure to be a hit

    Yes, we are all waiting with baited breath to know what Tiger Shroff and Shabbir Khan will do next. Will it be a hattrick of hits or what! But this time, to leverage the film, there is also Nawazuddin Siddiqui. While Tiger and Nawaz have never really worked together, we are assured that it will be a really interesting to see what they have in store for us…

  • Sunny Leone among BBC’s 100 most influential women

    Actress Sunny Leone has made it to the BBC’s 100 most influential women. This year’s BBC 100 women list marks the fourth year of the season. They are once again a mixture of high-profile and influential women including entrepreneurs, engineers, sportswomen, business women, fashion icons and artistes, reports IANS.

  • Anil Kapoor goes digital…

    If you ever thought you have the man all figured out, think again. Right when he is applauded for his television shows and movies, Anil Kapoor has decided to go digital and has signed his first digital video show.

  • The high price of being a ‘nice’ woman: Less salary

    London: Ladies, please take note. The nicer or more agreeable you are at work, the lower your salary is likely to be, says a study. Dominant, assertive women, who clearly express their expectations and do not retreat from their demands, are compensated better than their more accommodating female peers, the study found, reports IANS.

  • Android users more honest than those glued to iPhone

    Washington: A recent study has found that people using Android smartphones are more honest and humble as compared to the iPhone users. The study published this week is the first to find a link between personality and smartphone type, reports ANI.

  • You can now find nearby Wi-Fi with facebook

    Social networking giant, Facebook, is rolling out a new feature that lets users to find nearby wireless hotspots for enhanced real-time information sharing, reports IANS. Earlier Facebook used to ask “Pages” to list Wi-Fi locations at their physical addresses and that seems the backbone that the information is built on, the Next Web reported.

  • Water exists deeper in Earth than thought: study

    Washington: Water exists far deeper in the Earth – about 400 to 600 kilometres into the mantle – than previously believed, researchers including one of Indian origin have found, reports PTI. A mineral far below the surface of the Earth may hold the key to how much water is stored in our planet, researchers said.

  • People worldwide living longer, healthier lives: study

    Washington: The last few generations of humans have enjoyed the biggest life expectancy boost in primate history, a new study of mortality patterns in humans, monkeys and apes suggests, according to PTI.

  • Virtual reality device lets parents watch unborn babies in 3D

    Washington: Expectant parents may soon be able to watch their unborn baby grow and even listen to its heartbeat using a 3D virtual reality device, say scientists who have developed a new technology that creates a realistic model of the foetus using MRI and ultrasound data, saya PTI.