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  • Independent directors of Tata Motors snub Mistry

    Mumbai: In a setback to Cyrus Mistry, independent directors of Tata Motors on Monday did not offer unanimous support to his leadership and instead backed all decisions taken by the company, including on small car Nano, which have been criticised by the ousted chairman of Tata Sons.

  • Demonetisation: 10-day lifeline for scrapped currency

    New Delhi: Sensing hardships to people from demonetisation, a meeting conveyed by Prime Minister Modi to review supply and availability of currency notes that went on past midnight of Sunday took a series of measures, including extension of the acceptance of the scrapped Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes beyond November 14 up to the midnight of November 24.

  • Demonetisation: CM assures patients

    Mumbai: Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvais on Monday announced that the State Government will pay Rs 10,000 to any private hospital if a cheque issued by a patient happens to bounce. Fadnavis said the administration has already issued instruction to private hospitals to accept cheques from the patients. “But in case the cheque gets bounced, then the state government will pay Rs 10,000 to the hospital from the Chief Minister’s Fund,” he assured.

  • Will masses still back you, Shiv Sena asks Modi

    Mumbai: Terming the demonetisation as “a betrayal” of the people, the Shiv Sena on Monday asked whether the people would still support Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

  • Mumbai: Students sans black shoes punished on Children’s Day

    Mumbai: Dadar’s Sane Guruji English Medium High School did not allow children to enter their classrooms for failure to follow the rules of wearing black laced shoes. These shoes are part of the school uniform and rules endorsed by the school and parents. The children were punished on Monday, a day celebrated as children’s day.

  • 3 from Mumbai killed in Nashik crash

    Nashik: A Kalyan resident along with her uncle and driver were killed when their car dashed into a parked truck on Mumbai-Agra Highway near Wadiwarhe of Nashik early on Monday.