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  • Young woman seeks sex change in first for UAE!

    Abu Dhabi: An Emirati woman has sought leave to have a sex change operation in what would be a first for the United Arab Emirates, newspapers reported today.

  • Ranbir Kapoor and his likes

    Chilled Beer
    You have just got to admire Ranbir Kapoor’s honesty. In a recent interview, he actually admitted that he could have a drinking problem! When have you last heard a B-town denizen ever confess to a real weakness? He goes on to admit that he has seen how it plays out in his family, how things can go the wrong way. This awareness is probably what keeps him from tipping

  • Harshvardhan is mama’s boy!

    The trailer of Mirziyan has elicited a staggering response, but its leading man, Harshvardhan Kapoor is trying hard not to get swept away.

  • Shreyas Talpade: Transformed!

    Shreyas Talpade has been known for some really thought provoking stories he has brought to the big screen, be it Dor, Iqbal or his upcoming release Wah Taj! The versatile actor makes it a point to leave you with messages that would run chills down your spine.

  • This ‘rockstar monk’ is crooning songs of gender equality

    Leh: There is a “rockstar monk” crooning the song of gender equality and harmony, of saving the Himalayas for the future – cycling down the treacherous mountains and preaching another religion.

  • Exposure to bright light can help men with low sexual drive: Study

    Washington: A recent research conducted at the University of Siena in Italy has found that the radiant glow of bright light may actually help some men combat their flagging sexual desire. Researchers recruited 38 men suffering from clinically low libido to take part in a randomized, controlled experiment.

  • Men with prostate cancer can live without treatments?

    Washington: A recent study shows that doctors suggest to ‘wait and see’ in thousands of men with localised prostate cancer, where the tumour hasn’t spread beyond the doughnut-shaped gland, reports ANI. Every year more than 47,000 British men are diagnosed with the disease, a rise from 35,000 in 2009, reports Daily Mail.

  • App-based cab services push ‘kaali-peelis’ to the brink

    New Delhi: The age-old proverb “old is gold” may not hold true for traditional black-yellow taxis any more, given the people’s increasing preference for app-based cab services for intra-city movements. And, why not? After all, who would not opt for a service that comes cheaper and at less waiting time.

  • Gender equality is a must, says Sonakshi

    Mumbai: Actress Sonakshi Sinha says that gender equality is the most important thing that the society needs today and she feels things are going to change for the better soon.

  • Man who threw ink at Sisodia sent to JC, moves bail plea

    New Delhi: The man, who had allegedly thrown ink at Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia outside the Lieutenant Governor’s office yesterday, was today sent to judicial custody for a day by a Delhi court.