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    Mumbaikars welcome Lord Ganesha

    Mumbai: Mumbaikars today welcomed the God of good luck and prosperity–Lord Ganesha–into their homes and community pandals, kick-starting 10-day-long Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations with zeal and fervour.

  • Mother Teresa deserves proper feature film: Shyam Benegal

    The “extraordinary” life of Mother Teresa, who worked relentlessly for the upliftment of the destitute and who was recently declared a saint by the Roman Catholic Church, must be brought alive on the silver screen, says India’s acclaimed veteran filmmaker Shyam Benegal.

  • Rock On!!2 equally challenging, exciting: Farhan Akhtar

    Actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar, who on Friday released the teaser of his film “Rock on!! 2” says making the sequel was exciting but also living upto the expectations of the first part is a big challenge. “It was equally exciting and challenging to make a sequel. We wanted the best in every segment of the film be it in music, casting, or the location.

  • ‘Jupiter’s North Pole unlike anything in solar system’

    Washington : NASA’s Juno spacecraft has sent back the first-ever images of Jupiter’s North Pole, which show storm systems and weather activity unlike anything previously seen on any of our solar system’s gas-giant planets. The images were taken during the solar powered spacecraft’s first flyby of the planet with its instruments switched on.

  • Your math skills will help your kids

    Washington : A recent study has pointed out the parents, who excel in mathematics, produce children with the same skill. The study highlights a distinct transfer of math skills from parent to a child, specifically exploring intergenerational transmission, the concept of parental influence on an offspring’s behaviour or psychology in mathematic capabilities.

  • ‘Ghost snake’ species discovered

    Washington : Scientists have discovered a ‘ghost snake’ – a new species of elusive, pale grey reptiles dwelling in Madagascar.

  • Genesis Project aims to help life evolve on exoplanets

    London : In a new research, a physicist has suggested a way to set off life cycle and evolution on the exoplanets, celestial bodies that orbit a star outside the solar system with transient habitability. Physicist Claudius Gros from the Institute of Theoretical Physics at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, is essaying about landing an automated gene laboratory on celestial bodies outside our solar system for life to evolve.

  • Why hereditary diseases are so hard to get rid of?

    London : Some high-risk gene variants, such as those for Alzheimer’s disease or cancer, can persisted in the population for a long time without disappearing and researchers have now discovered why these harmful gene variants do not get weeded out by natural section in the course of evolution.

  • Brain perceives taste with all senses: study

    New York : Our brain relies on not just one but all the senses to anticipate taste, a new study suggests. The study, by researchers from the Stony Brook University in the US, may change the way neuroscientists think about the role of the gustatory cortex – the part of the brain responsible for the perception of taste.

  • Xi meets Putin, calls for firm mutual support

    Hangzhou (China) : Chinese President Xi Jinping met Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday and called for firm support in each other’s efforts to safeguard sovereignty, security and development interests.

  • Life story work may help people BATTLING dementia

    New York : Life story work, which involves helping people to record past incidents and present lives, has the potential to help people with dementia, a study has found. Life story work involves helping people to record aspects often in a book or folder or, increasingly, in music, film and multi-media formats.

  • ‘India most vulnerable to cyber attacks’

    Former detective and unit commander in Israel police, Marc Kahlberg, was on a business trip to Mumbai recently. The 53-year-old Kahlberg was involved in training and advising Israel’s police units as well as international police agencies and organisations throughout the world since 1998.
    Marc has spent over 20 years conducting field research on the relations between the Palestinian Islamists, jihadists and Israel. He is the writer of many white papers which have been

  • Modi’s Vietnam visit aimed at piling pressure on China: Media

    Hangzhou : Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Vietnam ahead of G20 summit here was aimed at jointly piling pressure on China and to raise their “bargaining chips” with the country, Chinese state media said.

  • Overdue books: US library to enforce jail

    Houston : A US library has decided to enforce jail sentences for overdue books in a bid to recover about USD 200,000 worth of missing materials, a step that could land many forgetful people in hot water.

  • State to set up ITIs along Nagpur-Mum expressway

    Mumbai : In line with Government of India’s ‘Skill India’ initiative, the Maharashtra government has decided to give a push to setting up of additional Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) in the state. The state government has decided to set up ITIs on the Nagpur-Mumbai Super Communications Expressway. Senior government officials say the move is aimed to skill the people in the backward areas of the state through which the 706-km expressway will pass.