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  • Weekly Prediction for 21 to 27 August 2016

    Aries:- Venus changing its position this week might bring lots of expenditure related to home or office and it will be all for personal. Some disturbing people are going to bring hurdles in your work and this will depress you and raise your temper. In business you have to be cautious while signing any documents and agreements this week. Small quarrel is likely. Don’t depend on other in business as this may

  • Embrace emotionally evolved souls

    Emotion is an instinctive or intuitive ability, a feeling as distinguished from rationality or esoteric knowledge, writes Ravi Valluri.

  • Work Wear: Get ‘street’ smart at work

    Casualness always changes the mood. Sometimes, it is always good to bring in your street side to make things better. Work is where it is needed more. Offices, these days, are now working towards bringing a little bit of relaxed attitude for creativity in work. This means a great opportunity to wear some street clothes to work. The only trouble is the ignorance of most people with the ability to draw the

  • Ulta Pulta: What’s in a name? Everything!

    With Rio Olympics throwing up new sporting Queens, many would stake claim on  names like Sindhu and Sakshi writes Sumeet Naik.

  • Rajiv Gandhi remembered on 72nd birth anniversary

    New Delhi: The nation today remembered former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on his 72nd birth anniversary with President Pranab Mukherjee and other leaders paying tributes to him at his memorial even as Congress President Sonia Gandhi kept away due to health reasons.

  • Right to Passage: Travels through India, Pakistan and Iran by Zeeshan Khan

    Journalist Zeeshan Khan’s book Right to Passage: Travels through India, Pakistan and Iran is interesting, informative in many ways. It is not a mere travelogue. It is more than that. The author tries exploring historical, spiritual places on the way and connects it with the similar places in other countries. In 2011, he began his travel from Dhaka to Europe via India, Pakistan and Iran. Most of his journey was on buses,

  • How to tackle gym injuries

    Dr Sadiya Vanjara shares tips on managing injuries that one might experience while exercising.

  • anger

    Anger and love: The two opposites

    Mr. R. And Mrs. P. were once a loving couple. Somehow, due to various stresses, they became irritable and started having angry arguments regularly. As the anger kept on persisting, the love started becoming lesser and lesser. A point came when they seriously considered divorce. A well-wisher suggested marriage counsellor. But they refused, saying, “What will the counsellor tell us that we already do not know?”

  • Virya: Potency

    All medicines have a combination of many attributes, out of which one or two dominate and are the most powerful and active, and thus are chiefly capable of curing ailments. These attributes determine the potency of medicine. Virya (potency) is more powerful than rasa (taste), thus minimizing the effect of rasa. Medicines arc divided into two types based on their potency, cold and hot. This is popularly known as the hot

  • India: The investment hub for NRIs

    Shalini Dhawan answers some vital questions regarding Non-Resident Indians looking at the country as a investment destination.