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    PropTiger acquires 3DPhy to beef up 3D capabilities

    New Delhi : Online real estate advisor PropTiger has announced the acquisition of Gurgaon-based startup 3DPhy, a pioneer in the field of Virtual and Augmented Reality and 3D visualizations. With this acquisition, PropTiger aims to advance its technological platform to further enhance its hi-tech marketing solutions for developers.

  • Neerja Official trailer

    ‘Neerja’ to be screened at Melbourne Indian Film Festival

    Sonam Kapoor‘s heart touching tale of ‘Neerja‘, the youngest recipient of the Ashok Chakra award, is now all set to go to Australia. The film, which has wooed the audiences across several countries at various film festivals, will now be screened at Melbourne Indian Film Festival.

  • Lion

    Lions are introverts, and knowing that could save your life

    I dreamed that TV wildlife guru David Attenborough was narrating a film about my life: “And for the 49th time, the runt of the group attempts to climb out of the pit but does a dramatic face plant into decomposing warthog poop. Let’s see if he gets up this time.”

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    Seven percent of adults sexually abused in childhood in UK, new figures reveal

    London: One in every 14 adults in England and Wales was sexually abused as a child, according to the first research of its kind. According to a report in the London-based newspaper, The Nation, some 11 percent of women and three percent of men – an average of seven percent – said they were sexually assaulted during their childhood.

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    Virtual reality, treadmill training may prevent falls in elderly

    London: Combining virtual reality and treadmill training is likely to help prevent falls in older adults better than treadmill training alone, suggests a research. The intervention, which combines the physical and cognitive aspects of walking, consists of a camera that captures the movement of participants’ feet and projects it onto a screen in front of the treadmill, so that participants may ‘see’ their feet walking on the screen in real time.

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    High levels of ‘good’ cholesterol may cause premature death

    Washington: Both high and low levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol – commonly called ‘good cholesterol’ for helping reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack – may increase a person’s risk of premature death, a new study has claimed. Conversely, intermediate HDL cholesterol levels may increase longevity, researchers said.

  • burnout

    Mismatch of needs and job demands may cause burnout

    London: Burnout is caused as a result of a mismatch between an individual’s unconscious needs and the opportunities and demands at the workplace, says a study with implications for the prevention of job burnout. Burnout is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion from work, which results in lack of motivation, low efficiency, and helpless feeling. Its health effects include anxiety, cardiovascular disease, immune disorders, insomnia, and depression.

  • Phelps glad to end career on own terms

    Rio de Janeiro: Michael Phelps said on Friday that he was grateful for the chance to finish his glittering career on his own terms after setting a new Olympic record in Rio.

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    Facebook makes News Feed more relevant

    New York: In a move to make your News Feed more informative, Facebook has tweaked its algorithm to bring news that’s relevant and of interest to you.