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  • kajol

    Tracing Kajol’s journey on her birthday

    Born to actress Tanuja and Director-Producer Shomu Mukherjee, Kajol always had Bollywood in her genes. She made her debut into Bollywood with the film BEKHUDI alongside actor Kamal Sadanah. It was through her very first film that she got noticed by directors Abbas Mastan and she signed BAZIGAAR opposite Shah Rukh Khan and the rest is history.

  • pritam

    Pritam to recreate ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ magic with ‘Tubelight’

    The hit trio of Bajrangi Bhaijaan is back! Pritam Chakraborty’s compositions topped the charts last year when he joined hands with director Kabir Khan for the Salman Khan magnum opus Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The three have now come together once again to try and recreate the magic of last year’s blockbuster with ‘TUBELIGHT’, which is Kabir Khan’s next starring Salman.

  • ratna pathak shah

    Would love to be back on SARABHAI VS SARABHAI: Ratna Pathak

    Like fans, Maya Sarabhai, the class conscious mother-in-law of “Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai“, is also hoping that one of the most beloved TV shows makes a comeback. Producer-director-actor J D Majethia recently teased a possible revival of the cult show when he posted a picture on social media of the cast reunion and captioned it ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai at Satish Ji’s place…. Some good news for fans on its way’.

  • Sonam Kapoor

    I use every possible app to look good: Sonam Kapoor

    If you wonder the secret behind Sonam Kapoor’s beautiful snaps on her social media handles, then here she spilled the beans. “I am not a professional photographer obviously. I pretty much use every possible tool,” she said at an event, reports ANI.

  • Postpartum-Depression-woman-baby

    Risk factors linked to variations in baby blues

    Washington DC: A new study has shown that depression following childbirth can begin at different times and follow multiple distinct trajectories, reports ANI. The research emphasised the need for clinicians to monitor for signs of postpartum depression and be aware of risk factors that may predispose a new mother to depression.

  • Aditi-rao-hydari

    Aditi Rao Hydari finds sex comedies misogynistic

    Actress Aditi Rao Hydari says she is not keen on doing adult or sex comedy films in Bollywood as she finds them misogynistic. “I can never do a sex comedy film in this country, as we don’t make the actual kind of adult or sex comedy movies. There is a difference between misogyny and comedy. I can’t be part of something that is misogynistic,” Aditi told PTI.

  • soldier-uniform-representational-pic

    ‘Second skin’ uniforms to protect soldiers from biological threats

    New York: With an aim to protect soldiers from biological and chemical threats, researchers have created a material that is highly breathable and yet protective from biological agents, says IANS. High breathability is a critical requirement for protective clothing to prevent heat-stress and exhaustion when military personnel are engaged in missions in contaminated environments. This material could lead to the development of futuristic smart uniforms that could respond to and protect soldiers

  • breastfeeding

    Stop mom-shaming those wanting to breastfeed 

    Even as the World Breastfeeding Week is being observed year after year, shaming of women who feed their infants in public continues brazenly. It is strange that men can urinate in public but women cannot feed in public! Even as we are in 2016, feeding in public is frowned upon, targeted and shamed. Women are compelled to leave home post delivery, whatever be the reason. And the baby does feel hungry. And no,

  • other-earths

    20 potentially habitable Earth-like planets identified

    Washington: Scientists, including one of Indian origin, have identified 20 potentially habitable Earth-like rocky planets from a trove of over 4,000 exoplanets discovered by NASA’s Kepler mission till date, reports PTI. The new research outlines 216 Kepler planets located within the “habitable zone” – the area around a star in which a planet’s surface could hold liquid water. Of those, 20 were listed as the best candidates to be habitable rocky planets like

  • arvind kejriwal

    Delhi to remain a Union Territory as per constitution: HC

    New Delhi: The special provisions incorporated for Delhi by constitutional amendment does not “dilute” the constitutional provision which gives the national capital the status of Union territory, the Delhi High Court ruled today.

  • kids-on-computer

    Google’s kids’ map app lets them explore Himalayas in 3D

    New York: Technology giant Google has released a new application specially designed for children to let them explore the Himalayas using maps, 3D imagery and gameplay, a media report said. Called “Verne: The Himalayas”, the app introduces the character Verne, who is a friendly, 500-foot Yeti children can use to move around the map scenes, reports IANS.

  • Cultural-Study

    ‘West versus the rest’ a myth

    London: Self-believe members of western cultural groups have much more in common with the rest of the world, contradicting the generally accepted view of a “west versus the rest” divide in concepts of selfhood, says a study, according to IANS. The results revealed that the common belief in a cultural divide between the west and the rest of the world is little more than a myth. There was much more diversity among cultural

  • Emirates flight Accident

    Indian passenger carriers cancel flights to Dubai

    New Delhi: Some of the major Indian passenger carriers on Thursday cancelled their scheduled operations to Dubai due to the unavailability of runway at the Dubai International Airport.

  • facebook

    Facebook Live, Periscope may change privacy policies

    New York: Because of the ease with which users are able to share live video streams with Facebook Live or Periscope, mobile streaming video technology (MSVT) has great potential to catalyse new privacy laws and policies, a study says, according to IANS Current US laws protecting individual rights are insufficient to protect privacy when it comes to mobile streaming video technology and that the First Amendment likely protects livestreaming activities of users,