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  • chickens-walking

    This trick can make malaria ‘chicken’ out of your room

    Washington D.C: Fancy sleeping next to a chicken? It may sound like a ‘fowl’ suggestion, but it turns out, this poultry bedfellow can actually protect you from malaria. For the first time, scientists have shown that malaria-transmitting mosquitoes actively avoid feeding on certain animal species such as chickens, using their sense of smell. Odours emitted by species such as chickens could provide protection for humans at risk of mosquito-transmitted diseases,

  • Pakistani teen boy gang-raped inside bakery

    Peshawar: A 15-year-old boy was gang-raped inside a bakery in Peshawar city of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

  • pregnant

    With menopause reversal, women can get more fertile years

    London : For those who thought their childbearing years were over, there’s a good news – a team of researchers has found a way to keep you going even after menopause. The team claimed that the technique, wherein periods are restarted by rejuvenating ovaries to release fertile eggs, even worked on a woman who had not menstruated in five years, the Mirror reported.

  • Una row: 3 Dalits attempt suicide; situation largely peaceful

    Ahmedabad: Three more Dalit youths allegedly attempted suicide today in Botad district of Gujarat even as  the situation in most parts of the state returned to normalcy after witnessing three days of violent protests by  community members over beating of Dalits for allegedly skinning a dead cow in Gir Somnath.

  • Dhaka Seige Ends

    Woman held over Dhaka terror attack

    Dhaka: A woman has been arrested for suspected involvement in the terror attack on a cafe here that killed 22 persons including an Indian, the media said on Friday.

  • Five charged over France terror truck attack

    Paris: Five suspects have been formally charged over the truck attack in the French Riveria city of Nice that killed 84 people, the Paris prosecutor has said.

  • Kerala: Committee formed to resolve issues between media, lawyers

    Thiruvananthapuram: In a significant development in the stand off between lawyers and journalists here, two Kerala High Court Judges today held discussions with representatives of the two groups and decided to set up a Media Relations Committee to sort out issues between them.

  • alcohol_drinking

    Alcohol puts you at 7 types of cancer risk

    Washington D.C : Turns out, boozing can cause up to seven different kinds of cancer. A new review of epidemiological evidence supports a causal association between alcohol consumption and cancers at seven sites in the body: oropharynx, larynx, oesophagus, liver, colon, rectum and female breast.

  • ‘Teen Wolf’ to end after sixth season

    Los Angeles: Popular American TV series “Teen Wolf” will go off air after its upcoming sixth season, set to return in November.

  • Police in Florida shoot black man lying on ground

    Washington: A unarmed black man trying to help a patient with autism was shot and wounded by Florida police while lying on the ground with his arms raised in the air and pleading with officers to hold their fire. Charles Kinsey was wounded in the leg in the incident Monday in Miami, which came as he was trying to help a disoriented autistic man who had wandered away from a group home

  • Bhagwant Mann

    Bhagwant Mann video row: BJP MPs forcefully adjourns RS

    New Delhi: Ruling BJP members today forced an adjournment of Rajya Sabha till noon demanding action against Aam Aadmi Party’s Lok Sabha MP Bhagwant Mann for allegedly compromising security by videographing the Parliament complex and putting it on social media.