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  • Silver

    Silver slips below Rs 46,000, down Rs 1,020/kg on global trend

    New Delhi: Silver weekly-based delivery prices today dropped below the crucial Rs 46,000-mark by tumbling Rs 1,020 to Rs 45,745 per kg, in line with a sluggish trend overseas amid reduced off-take by industrial units at the domestic market.

  • gorilla-glass-5

    Gorilla Glass 5 can handle rough smartphone drop

    New York: Glassmaker Corning’s new Gorilla Glass 5 — the chemically strengthened super glass that several consumer electronics makers use in their devices — survives up to 80 per cent of the time when dropped from a height of 1.6 metres. The new glass is formulated to improve drop performance from gadgets that are dropped on to rough surfaces from certain heights — specifically, waist height to shoulder height, The Verge reported.

  • dayashankar singh

    Mayawati basher Dayashankar Singh evades arrest

    Balia (Uttar Pradesh): The Uttar Pradesh Police on Thursday said that suspended BJP state vice-president Dayashankar Singh left for an ‘unknown location’ when the cops arrived at his residence to arrest him for his derogatory slur on Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati.

  • genes

    Don’t blame genes for all diseases that run in families

    London: A family history of disease may be as much the result of shared lifestyle and surroundings as inherited genes, a study says. Factors that are common to the family environment – such as shared living space and common eating habits – can make a major contribution to a person’s risk of disease, the study found.

  • rahul gandhi

    BJP unnecessarily exaggerating Rahul Gandhi’s nap in Parliament: NCP

    New Delhi: The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) today criticized the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for politicising Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s nap in Parliament and said that the latter should be given a benefit of doubt as at times several leaders close their eyes trying to digest some serious dialogue.

  • dna molecule in test tube

    DNA test may predict academic achievement: study

    London: Scientists have found a new genetic scoring technique that may predict a student’s academic achievement from DNA alone and help identify children who are at risk of having learning difficulties.

  • exo-planets

    Two Earth-like exoplanets may harbour life, shows Hubble data

    Washington: Using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, a team of astronomers has conducted the first search for atmospheres around Earth-sized exoplanets beyond our solar system and found indications that increase the chances of presence of life on two rocky exoplanets. The exoplanets TRAPPIST-1b and TRAPPIST-1c — approximately 40 light years away — are unlikely to have puffy, hydrogen-dominated atmospheres usually found on gaseous worlds.

  • dalit

    Protests continue in Gujarat over thrashing of Dalits

    Ahmedabad: Protests today continued in some parts of Gujarat over the brutal thrashing of Dalits at a village in Una town of Gir Somnath district, even as many political leaders met the victims and their families.